I won't be selling my LEO anytime soon

8 days ago
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I admit it. One of the first thing I did after the LEO hack was dump the little liquid I had (around 300-400 coins I think), figuring the price would dump to oblivion. Yet, it didn't.

Price somewhat recovered. New leo whales like @azircon and @themightvolcano emerged. @onealfa showed his support by singlehandlendly buying a shit ton of coins, now boasting a stake of 600 thousand fucking leos. LOL. The leofinance witness got more witness votes. More people hopped on the train and started using Leofinance.io

Leo traffic continues to pump, hitting one ATH after the other. And Leofinance hit another record in ad revenue yesterday.


I have been here for over a year and have amassed a nice stake of around 80 k coins and I also have some very generous delegations. Imo, it would make perfect financial sense to start selling my daily liquid earnings and diversify.

Well, fuck that. The vibes I feel now never felt so good.The future never looked more bright.

After the flat curve, I think I will earn a bit more over 250 LEO coins a day, possibly over 300. All will be fucking staked. If you want to buy LEO, don't count on this whale dumping. At least not before I can buy 20 lambos and a jet. That, or Leo gets hacked again, Khal dies from a meteorite and my stake goes to zero. It's one or the other.

I won't tell you to buy leo. In the last year, I never told that to anyone. I am too big of a whale for my opinion to be unbiased. Yet, I will tell you what I have said a million times. Start posting using the native leofinance.io interface. There's nothing to lose.. But possibly a lot to gain in the future.

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