My Blurt Earnings for the past week... Not Bad, Not Bad At All!

19 days ago
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It's been about a week since I started reposting my LEO stuff on Blurt. Here's how I am doing in case you wonder:


As you can see, I am scoring about 5 bucks a piece (with current prices) just for copy pasting my posts there! And that while simultaneously promoting leofinance with a link to every post, helping my big leo investment appreciate even more in value! It's like jerking myself...WITH BOTH HANDS!!!

Of course, I have to thank the MANCAVE Bros for their super generous votes there, as they hold a nice stake of BLURT. If it keeps going that way, becoming a BRO whale (1000+ BRO tokens) will pay itself way,way faster than I initially thought as I get votes and dividends from all kinds of places! And keep in mind the DreamR app (whatever it is?!?!) has yet to be released by the the Mancave project.

I guess the moral of the story is, buy bro, get active on Blurt. Or something like that. And don't forget to jerk me at ->

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