Rolled out my first DCITY background! Dump or HODL?

2 days ago
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Ahhhhh, Dcity. The gift that keeps giving :)

I think I have invested a total of 500 hive or something and everyday that investment generates for me around 2 hive which imo is not bad. Plus some other tokens like BEER and WEED. If players keep playing the game, this ponzi will take me less than a year to give me my "investment" back, plus I get to keep all the cards I have bought. By the way, if you know of a tool I can use to see how much HIVE I have sent to DCITY please let me know in the comments below. First correct answer will win something good !

Anyways, these days I don't check my city at all. I just dump all the SIM I generate for HIVE. But today I searched if I have rolled a new technology or whatever, unfortunately the answer was no. But it seems I rolled a new background,** night**. Which apparently goes for a somewhat respectable price:


night 2.png

What do you think? Should I buy or HODL? Will the production of these cards gonna halt in the future (like with gen 1 & gen 2 buildings) or does it make more sense to just sell it now considering I don't give a shit about it?

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