What Hive Engine tokens do you HODL?

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Thanks to tag spam (be honest, you do it too) and various investments like BRO here on Hive, I earn all kinds of hive engine tokens from my posting. CTP, PAL, WEED, SIM, Neoxian, Archon and probably others. Until recently I didn't pay much attention to them but some days ago I started cleaning my HE wallet and selling most of them. Free hive is free hive after all :)

Here are the only two that I am hodling and staking atm:

I used to dump that one but @raymondspeaks from the MANCAVE likes it. He is a BRO and since bros before hoes I just stake everything and I don't add any further selling pressure. I doubt it will go anywhere but who knows. They have a somewhat big community on Discord too so maybe one day staking them proves to be a wise move...

Another token I discovered thanks to the MANCAVE. Again I have no idea what it's all about. I joined their discord one day and all I could find was some governance mumbo jumbo. I don't know why but I have a good hunch for this one so again, I am hodling and staking everything.

(Of course there is LEO but I shill it everyday so I don't think I need to mention it :P)

What about you? Do you hold and stake any HE tokens and why? Or do you just dump everything? :D

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