Woohoo! Another Epic Beer!

12 days ago
1 Min Read
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Got particularly lucky today on Cryptobrewmaster, as I rolled my second epic beer since I started playing the game:


Interestingly, I got it by mixing only cheap grey materials and just one green. Nice!

Btw, after the latest price readjustments I have stopped selling my beers. I figure it makes more sense to hold them as the beers may have other uses in the future or maybe they will cost more as they game becomes more popular.

Here's my stock for now:


Oh yeah, in case you have missed the memo, the game is doing really good and the user base is expanding by the day so you may want to give it a try if you haven't already. The team has even brought a real beer company (@didcraftbeer) here on hive and there are some in game beer ads already!

So yeah, go make some virtual beers and earn yourself some CBM, Just make sure to use my ref link: https://www.cryptobrewmaster.io/game/invite?ref=741c90644dff42f4b2726c0474310096&code=AlphaBonus


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