Curation is Cool on Hive - 7 days ago with HIVE, CCC, CTP, LIST and LEO

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Curation is one of my best investment options on the Hive blockchain since I discovered the huge ROC (return on Curation) that are attached to Hive tokens a few months ago. When I started investing in Hive-engine tokens in the last quarter of 2019, the main aim was to hodl the tokens until when they moon. The moon seemed far over many months and some of the tokens even lost so much value.

During the heat of the covid lockdown from March through April, 2020, I had some more time to engage the Hive blockchain and then discovered how profitable curation with the second layer tokens could be. That's when I was all in for LEO and SPORTS tokens and I do not regret taking the decision at that time. The stakes of the tokens have grown over time and some tangible curation rewards have been generated so far. See the latest reports I shared about LEO and SPORTS.

Along the line, it became necessary to expand my curation portfolio and tokens like CTP, LIST, CHARY, NEOXAG and CCC were added. Looking forward to adding more as I unfold their potentials.

I went further to define my personal usecases for some the Hive tokens which formed the basis for my compounding stakes. This is captured in the above infographics. Charity, commerce, education and business development has been my major drive and gradually, we'll see them unfold.

Today, I decided to lookup my account growth on Hivestats and it was awesome to see how tangible the curation rewards have been especially with the Hive tokens. The account @uyobong on which this analysis is based presently holds the following stakes of Hive tokens.

  • 500 LEO
  • 1,300 CHARY
  • 2,100 CTP
  • 95,000 CCC
  • 22,000 LIST

SPORTS and LEO have been delegated to dedicated alts so as to help track their individual ROC. You should notice that I created a new curation indices ROC which defines the returns (in USD) that could be accrued from curation of posts on the Hive blockchain.

In simple terms, curation is simply the art of consuming 9reading, watching, enjoying) Hive posts and expressing your level of "like" on the post by a weighted upvote. The amount of tokens given out to the author during the upvote depends on the amount of tokens staked.


Looking at my curation earnings over the past seven days which is accrued from the above listed Hive token stakes in this account, it thrills me to see how much my investment on Hive has improved, thereby giving more value to other content creators.

  • Curation rewards from HIVE upvotes over the last 7 days = $3.64
  • Curation rewards from Hive tokens over the last 7 days = $2.76
  • Total curation rewards from HIVE, CHARY, CTP, LIST, LEO and CCC = $6.4

  • Contribution of HIVE to total curation rewards = 56.9%
  • Contribution of Hive tokens to total curation rewards = 43.1%

It's interesting to see how well that CHARY, CTP, LIST, LEO and CCC have contributed immensely to the highs 43% is cool. Receiving $6.4 in just 7 days from curation is amazing. I'm looking forward to when $50 could be a weekly curation payout for HIVE and Hive tokens.

I am a Hive Curapreneur!

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