Curation still my Preferred Investment Option on Hive's Second Layer - $11 worth of SPORTS Earned over 7 days

17 days ago
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My interest ion Hive tokens didn't start now that we're seeing a bullish market for tokens like LEO, LIST, CTP and SPORTS. I have been around, supporting and marketing those tokens when they were all insignificant in their market value. I didn't talk about them due to their present value then, but I saw great potentials.

I'm still very thrilled each time I'm aware how many Hive users got interested with one H-E token or the other with my frequent updates. I'll still share my success stories until mass adoption is here. On chain and off the chain, I talk about Hive and the second layer tokens.

With various investment options available, curation is my most preferred. This affords me to read through the contents I manually curate and in the process gain some depths of knowledge. Knowledge is never quantified in terms of money,. the more, the merrier.

SPORTS token has been one of my favourite Hive tokens and I've sticked here since September 2019. I still would stay with SPORTS token into the next 5 to 10 years when we'll probably trade one token for $1 or more. We are still in the Beginning of things.

I've been involved with levels of offline promotion of SPORTS to local football teams. In a few hours, I will be officiating a novelty football match and would use the opportunity to tell the attendees the awesome benefits of being a part of the Sportstalksocial tribe on Hive blockchain.


In the last seven days, since I resumed my activity on Hive, I've given more time to curating more contents than writing. Soon, ion the future, I may just stick with commenting and curating. Hopefully then, the tokens would e worth much more than they presently do, say 10x or more.

Checking through, it thrills to discover that as much as $11 has been earned over the last 7 days even with broken activity. A few weeks ago, the weekly earnings from SPORTS curation had hot $20. Hopefully, we'll get there when HIVE recovers from this bearish season.

I'm looking forward to a time in the future when a bearish market trend won't cut my curation earnings below a weekly $100. It is very possible with SPORTS in the next few months.

Now is time to go for more users to engage the community with contents. Moreover, it's time to accumulate as much SPORTS as possible while the prices still remain cheap. I can tell the story around LEO and how sudden things changed.

As at one month ago, $100 was sufficient to procure 10 million SPORTS. Now, the story has changed and that amount can only get 3.3 million. Who knows what would happen in the next 30 days? With the direction which BTC is heading, there is more attention drawn to the crypto space. Cheap tokens like SPORTS would be easy to procure and hodl.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

I am your SportsPreneur!

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