Invest in Assets not Liabilities: My Soccer management game Experience (Season 3)

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The first and second of playing Rabona game ended in deficit balances -60,586 and -211,590 respectively and I almost got discouraged. However, that I didn't recover my $10 investment, I needed to look-out for ways to make that happen. My match performances in season 2 got better than 1 and that predicted that my season 3 could be better. Certainly, it is and my profit/loss curve starts growing above the ZERO line.


In the first two seasons, I did many wrong management decisions that amounted to my spending in irrelevant things which led to my gruesome losses. I purchased players I didn't need and ended up selling off some. Each match finished with increased expenses over income. This happened because I failed to prioritize my club spending.

Looking up my chart today after completing nine matches, there are evidences that I'm beginning to get things right. It is beautiful to see my club's account boasting with surplus 53,162 RBN. That's about 5.3% returns on my 1 million RBN investment.


From the above income and expenses review, it can be deduced that there are spending sources that should come first and others later. Initially, I was investing in liabilities rather than assets. I learnt my lessons though hardly and tried spend right.

I think my players are getting the vibes that the team is profiting and they are at their best to win games even when playing on an opponent's home. O got a solid 3 goal trash yesterday play away on @Sportsgeek04. Below are screenshots of the match performances and teams.


There is a big financial lesson I am drawing from my experience so far playing Rabona and I want to share it here.

"Your Spending priorities determine your Investment Profits"

Every profit/loss in any business engagement is the offset of income over expenditure. There are two scenarios to this:

  • Case 1: When INCOME is greater than EXPENDITURE, PROFIT is achieved
  • Case 2: When EXPENDITURE is greater than INCOME, LOSS is achieved

The first case would always be when we invest in assets than liabilities. It must be understood that Liabilities are still part of the investment process as they mostly constitute the operating cost of the business venture. Assets on the other hand constitute the fixed facility procurement.

Both assets and liabilities require funding. The investor's efficiency in financial management therefore constitute the mix ratio used in funding. Where assets alone are funding, the investment cannot operate to bring a yield and that means money is sunk into a sink. Remember that selling off your assets immediately after purchase would have a reduced value. On the other hand, only funding liabilities would make you operate your business in space without a footing.

There is need for balance. Until I understood this, I kept on rallying in the negative curve. With this development, I'm looking forward to playing the game to the 10th season. With the way things are going, season 3 may end with over 30% investment returns.

You want to up your profits on Rabona? Maybe I'll become a Consultant manager and start earning HIVE and SPORTS for coaching other managers, lol.

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management game. Decide how to build and develop your team, take on the role of the head coach of your team, and manage the financials of your club. Lead your club to the top of the league and become the champion!

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I am looking forward to when RBN token would have a market for conversion to Hive or other cryptocurrencies. Also, the future of the game looks big when finally

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