LeoFinance needs a Portfolio Landing/Information Page with "FAQ" and "About LEO/About LeoFinance" Tabs

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It is beautiful amd quite encouraging to see that each passing day, Leofinance community sees the need to grow its ecosystem with new developments or significant updates on previous projects. I am pretty sure, there will be a surge of new users and investors joining Hive courtesy of the Leofinance community.

I have not been very active in the community today, but it thrills me as I logged online to see this latest update on 10% Increased rewards for Leofinance.io users. It is high time, you started sharing your cryptocurrency and financial arguments, news, critiques and analysis via https://leofinance.io/ to get qualified for the offer.

Another sweet addition in the update was the interlinking the LeoFinance websites. It is cool to see that a user can be able to interlink all of the LeoFinance websites: https://leofinance.io, https://dex.leofinance.io, https://leopedia.io and https://hivestats.io with a newly added menus that interlink all of the LeoFinance websites. This means that when you're on any LeoFinance website, you can easily switch to another one with the main menu. With this development, I do not have to pin Leofinance websites on my browser as it is currently the case.

Just after reading the post, I remember that I had started putting up a post to request for a Portfolio Landing Page for Leofinance where one could have a graphic link to all leofinance websites. Literally, I think that clicking the link "https://leofinance.io/" should take to that page where a user then chooses either to go blogging or go to where he can get other services. I am not design savvy to mock that up an example.

However, while I was trying to make some SEO analysis of leofinance.io, I stumbled on Leofinance FAQ which I have searched all through the four websites and have not seen where the FAQ is strategically located.

I theerefore think that having a landing page, maybe utilizing the current dashboard and giving a UI overhaul to serve that purpose. There, Leofinance FAQ and "About LEO/About Leofinance" would be one of the viably seen tabs on that page. This I think, would serve as a first hand information page for all Leofinance projects, social media handles and general activities guide.

Thoughts of this came when I was talking to a friend about Leofinance and he requested a link. I discovered there was no one page view that would give an oversight summary of the vision, mission, ecosystem description and other necessary information about this lofty cryptocurrency and finance information resource.

I just hope that @khaleelkazi and his dev team would have a better understanding of my prose and give it the necessary attention.

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I understand the request, interesting thought, yes, would be easier to navigate between the different sites, but not sure if it would help/hurt SEO and/or ad revenue. In lieu of the suggestion, at least the different sites are interlinked now.

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Maybe at least there could be an additional link in all website to an "About Page" and Leofinance FAQ"

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