Mid Month (Sept.-Oct.) Report: $48 USD Earned from Curating SPORTS in the last 30 days

5 months ago
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I wouldn't need to explain more that as the price of a Hive token increases, so does the USD value of earnings on the token increases. Things would only get better in the days ahead as many more people adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. I have been a content creator for close to three years and have become a curator in the last one year on the second layer of Hive.

SPORTS is one of such tokens that is doing well in my curation portfolio. This is why I track its growth over weekly, monthly intervals to see how well and consistent I've been with the curation game. It gets more interesting when there is tool like Hivestats to make the work easy.


The screenshot above show how my SPORTS curation account earns as much as $48.12 in the last 30 days. The last 7 days has shown a spectacular $12.61 earning from curation. About 18 days ago, I published how I earned $20 in the month of September from SPORTS curation and it seems the amount has doubled over two weeks. We had a huge SPORTS curator @jphamer1 join the top ranks in SPORTS stake and this has a huge effect on the pirce of the SPORTS token.

At the time of writing this post, SPORTS is trading at 0.00017 HIVE per token (that's around $0.0000255). It's crucial to identify how fast things are changing around the cryptocurrency space. On daily basis, new blockchain and crypto projects are rolling out and new use cases are being added to existing cryptos.


This is very strategic and it shows how cryptos would soon become the basis for measuring a person's financial worth. @Taskmaster4550le has penned several posts portraying the outlook of wealth in today as compared to years back. With cryptocurrencies, the spread of the wealth becomes more even as entry points become flattened for everyone to buy in.

Specially, a blockchain like Hive allows for some users to build their crypto wealth pyramid with their contents without having to to push in their fiats. I'm one of such individuals. I started my crypto investment journey with $0 fiat investment. My content and time was all of the assets I had to start an investment journey on the cryptosphere.

It makes mores sense as all content categories are available for rewards. Here is myself earning as much as $48 for reading and expressing my "like" on sports content over a period of 30 days. My @uyobong.sports account basically holds SPORTS stake for second layer curation. Growing the numbers over the last few months have been an intentional act and its paying off. I look forward to a future when the SPORTS holdings may be paying out $200 on monthly basis. It's very possible.


Even with the present stats, we are still in the beginning. I'm still building my SPORTS stake from contenting and curatione earnings. Reaching 50 - 100 million SPORTS token in stake would be a great achivenement especially when seeing that it costs almost nothing to have like 50k SPORTS staked each day. That would amount to 1.5 million tokens in one months and about 9 million tokens in six months. SPORTS is still very cheap. This is why I'm looking at it as a long term investment that will start bringing something more tangible in 12 months time.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

The stats in this post was drawn from https://hivestats.io/, a creation of the @Leofinance community in the Hive blockchain. Hivestats helps a user to track his growth on Hive at the base and second layer. Hive transactions as well as Hive-tokens transactions can be studied.

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