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Hi, welcome to my blog. It's Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Exited that the economic/social lockdown gets eased from today in my country and it means business life would get to resume in our locality. This would be of great benefit to the Hive blockchain and my choice projects which would be scheduled for offline promotion.

Hours ago, I made a post celebrating my second mention in top LEO users who staked LEO on May, 2020. This is no mean feat for me as it shows I'm contributing to the build of the LeoFinance community. I'm always interested in what I give to a community, I hope I can do more.

I took a step m further today to see the search outcomes when inserting "" in Google. I was shocked to see a lone post I made seven days ago on the 3The 3Ws of Using LeoFinance Interface: Who, What, Why? being listed in the first page of the search results. Inteestingly, this was the onlky post I made last week Tuesday which only earned four comments from four unique users with 73 upvotes.

Sincerely speaking, I had so expected that the post would earn a slot into but sad it did not. I had consciously created the post in response to the call for contents for Leopedia but it didn't meet the requirement to be enlisted there. I was however shocked that of all posts I have created which some had earned more engagement, this post actually found its way to the top of the search results for

I am making efforts to see how the usage of the interface of Hive blockchain can grow so as to also grow in Alexa ranking. So far, is ranked at 1,571,865th position and that means more efforts to take it to the top million websites. This is my goal by the end of June 2020. @forexbrokr copy this.

In the following days, I will keep spreading the message about Leofinance community both online and offline to be able to have new users Join us as well as increase engagement in Leofinance.

Let me save this post here today, it would mark as a benchmark to measure our growth in the coming days and weeks. I'm engaging more research and will be back to share tips with you on how we can grow our community and the Hive Blockchain at large.

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This is my goal by the end of June 2020. @forexbrokr copy this.

Nice work. I also tried with my What is LeoFinance blog last week.

But when it comes to SEO, remember that there are branded and non-branded keywords.

For example, a branded keyword here would be any search with the word 'LeoFinance' in it. These are less important when it comes to search, because if they're searching for your name, then they already know who you are.

A non-branded keyword such as 'financial social media' is much more important when it comes to search strategy because you're getting people that didn't know who you were, suddenly on your page.

Keep this in mind when you're writing posts with SEO in mind.

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Congrats for the interesting post!

Congratulations on your results! It is no wonder that it is at the top of searches, people always look for ways to get more tokens or other strategies for deceit and your post is complete.

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