My Monthly LEO Curation Earnings "alone" surpasses Minimum Wage in Nigeria

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I've been very keen with having cryptocurrency solve realtime humanity problems. When this happens, many people would have a shift in their thinking of crypto as a "ponzi or scam" to see it as a technological revolution in finance. I starting owning cryptocurrencies in 2018 March and that was STEEM and since then, I've been consiously looking out for ways to integrate crypto in my business.

With my crypto earnings in STEEM, HIVE and Hive tokens, I've paid my bills and executed several awesome projects in addition to charity. I've also introduce some persons to Hive who have made a full time living from their earnings.

Earlier today, while looking up my curation earnings in my LEO Curation account on Hivestats, I discovered how much value have been generated on weekly and monthly basis. While my thinking, I discovered that the curation rewards accrued from my 25k LEO stake yields revenue more than minimum wage in Nigeria.

The intent of this post is not to playdown on the value of my native currency, rather to show how much value cryptocurrency is giving to life. I'm also using this medium to publish my #success-stories to help inspire unemployed persons out there that they can start a financial life on a blockchain like Hive.

In 2019, the Nigerian government increased the minimum wage to her civil servants from an initial NGN 18,000 to NGN30,000. The new amount is equivalent to 77 USD. Sad that this amount is far less than the average cost of living for an individual in the country, yet, family owners are earning that meager amounts.

The national minimum wage for federal workers in Nigeria reached 30 thousand Nigerian Naira in 2020, which equaled to about 77 U.S. dollars. On average, the monthly cost of living for an individual in Nigeria amounted to 43.2 thousand Naira, whereas this figure added up to 137.6 thousand Naira for a family. In 2019, the minimum wage of 30 thousand Naira became law. - Simona Varrella, Sep 4, 2020 source


At present, USD 1 is equivalent to NGN 386.25. The exchange rate in the black market is far lesser such that USD 1 is exchanged for NGN 455 or more. Each year passing, the Naira continues to lose value against the giant USD. Thus, earning in USD becomes more viable for living in a country like Nigeria.


Looking back at my LEO curation rewards which add up to $77.7 USD over the last 30 days, it follows that just reading and "liking" posts on would earn me much more than a Nigerian civil servant on minimum wage. Not just does this happen in Nigeria, this friend @coyotelation had shared his side of the story in Brazil just few weeks ago.

With this, I can say that curation in Hive blockchain isn't just for fun, it is an employment. For those who are much interested with the content, it's an employment with upgrade in knowledge.


This value given by LEO curation is at its minimum at the now. This is because we expect to see LEO rise to $1, that is about 5 times its present value. That means that should I not increase/reduce my stake, I'll be earning as much as a Grade Level 8 Civil servant for just curating contents in the @LeoFinance community.

Interestingly, I've been done with university education for the past 9 years, yet, no civil job. Thanks to LeoFinance and Hive for giving out this value to humanity. Meanwhile, it is interesting to also know that 25k LEO is presently valued at around $5,000 USD and all of that was earned through creating content in the leofinance community over a few months ago.

I'll keep sharing my success story till it inspires every single person out there that this message is meant for. Cryptocurrency is here to change the narrative about wealth creation. There is a possibility for the unemployed to go rich and afford the basic amenities of live by just engaging the community with their knowledge and thoughts.

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