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With my little knowledge of learning strategies, infographics are a great tool to ease the understanding of concepts. Being able to simplify a large chunk of words into line and directional images and shapes eases the cognitive word and aids quicker understanding.

Yesterday, while reading this post by @onealfa.leo, I discovered that it is quite possible to earn more than 50% APY from WLEO depending on the source of capital for the investment.

Being built on the Hive blockchain, there are several earning options available for LEO token and by extension WLEO. This when factored into the amount earned, can result in a loop of factorial levels of profits.

The LEO Token Profitability Loop

My crypto journey started on Steem and then metamorphosed into Hive. THis is why over 80% of my crypto holdings are available on Hive. While I seek to diversify, I also wish to solidify my footings with this chain of cryptos available on Hive blockchain.

So far, mining, curating, delegating, content creation and liquidity provision are the available earning options. Before the launch of WLEO, I discovered curation as the most profitable adventure for earning LEO which may require little or no expertise. Much have been achieved in my curation adventure and the blessings accrued has been used to diversify.

With the Geyser Bonus model introduced to WLEO Liquidity provision, that earning option becomes sustainable. Imagine that one is not using FIAT or another crypto to buy LEO, rather ploys back the profit from other earning options, then the cumulative profit would find its way close to or above 100% APY.

From the infographic above, there are five levels of activities that can form a loop of profitability with the LEO token.

  1. Liquid LEO - this could be earned from posts or comments.
  2. Staked LEO - this is obtained when liquid LEO is powered up.
  3. LEO distributed - this is possible when staked LEO is used to upvote (like) a post or comment.
  4. Wrapped LEO - this is a form of LEO on ETH blockchain.
  5. LEO in liquidity Pool - this is presently possible on UNISWAP.
  6. Bonus LEO - received for providing WLEO liquidity.


We can notice two profit levels available in the conceptualized loop which seems best for me. This first profit level is obtained when staked LEO is used to upvote content to earn curation rewards. The second profit level is obtained by the receipt of bonus for providing liquidity for WLEO on Uniswap.

Presently, curating with LEO provides about 30% APY on the initial investment (in terms of LEO). The USD equivalent would certainly double, tripple or grow geometrically depending on the pace of LEO growth. The profit can then be divided into two - (1) One part swapped to ETH through @Swap.app while (2) the other half could be wrapped into WLEO. Pairing the ETH and WLEO in Uniswap would allow the user to earn a bonus to the range of 50% APY.

The above analogy means that the 30% profit from curation makes 50% profit from liquidity bonus. This means a day 1 45% APY being that the curation rewards come daily and tokens are added to the pool on daily basis. It grows over time and would certainly ht over 100% with time. It is assumed here that prices would remain the same over the year and this is good for an average user.

NOTE: No bank savings produces such APY.

This huge profit loop would make your investment diversified and sustainable in case there props hitch in one earning module. The same can be said of mining to LP.

Join the array of earning opportunities now on LeoFinance.



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