What if SPORTS hits the $0.001 Price mark? A food for thought...

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Someone scornfully asked when I will become a millionaire especially with my "noise" about cryptocurrency. I didn't need much research to reply him. I quickly replied that it would be very possible as soon as SPORTS hits $0.01 price and LEO hits $1 and we both laughed. In his understanding about crypto, all that matters are BTC and ETH. Very many people are yet to be aware of some great value lurking in alt coins, much more interesting is when one discovers the wealth that is stored in the "valueless" Hive tokens.

At present, I pride to say that Hive is the most economically viable blockchain as it mothers over 100 tokens on its second layer which are used to tokenize activities in different communities and content niches. With the boom of LEO, other tribes have been drawn to the reality of the opportunities that are lying dormant out there that requires their bridging off the chain. I see a future when whether HIVE grows above is present price or not, but the least token would be worth $1 on this chain. It is possible.

Seven months ago when I started a rigorous engagement of the LeoFinance community, I was sure that the community would grow and the token would pull some good value but I never saw it coming this early. My anticipations were forward to 2021 Q1. Then, I predicted that we could be trading 1 LEO for 0.5 to 1 HIVE. Amazingly, my expectations were fast-forwarded and LEO had long surpassed the 1HIVE price.

The pace at which things changes in the crypto sphere is quite fast that one should be resolute when trying to make an investment decision in crypto. One moment %change in crypto price may be "green" and the next few seconds, everything goes "red" and vice versa. I've had my regrets and joys especially with the Hive tokens. From 10% to 1000% and from 10% to -50% and many more.

Few days ago, I published a post telling how my monthly curation earnings with LEO only surpasses minimum wage in Nigeria. The post has earned great engagement and you can also join if not yet. Those are not tales and theories but my personal testimonies. A keen look my blog would tell how I am very intentional in logging my personal experiences and thoughts when it comes to leofinance contents. I can solidly defend all my positions.


Minutes ago, I just powered up $20 worth of SPORTS token and looking up the SPORTS richlist, I noticed how close many accounts are moving towards the 50 million SPORTS stake mark. Those investments are a great seed for the future.

A look at the tokens tab on LeoDes would show that the market capitalization for SPORTS and LEO have surpassed the $1 million value and still moving ahead. SPORTS with close to $2 million Market Cap. shows a $0 price approximation on Leodex. Hive-engine shows more decimals and reveals the price as $0.00002. You can see with me how cheap the SPORTS token could be.


A careful study of the token characteristic over the last 14 months of its existence, one would remember that there was a time that SPORTS was worth $0.01 and even higher. Many things happened along the line that made the token lose value to oblivion but things are building up again.

With the plan adjustment of the curation curve to linear, there is anticipation of improved engagement and with recent off-chain marketing initiatives by community members, some big sports teams are joining the tribe soon and that would place some pressure on the token demand and price. In fact, gaining two decimals to the right of $0.00002 price gets realer and possible by 2021 Q1.

All of my prose above is a reflection of the fact that SPORTS would eventually gain value towards the $0.001 price and that would mean a change of financial status for many stakeholders who are taking advantage of this present cheap rates. Each time I see how much LEO has grown. I regret that I didn't hit the 50k stake target I set for myself. I wish that I had sold all my HIVE earnings then to bus as much LEO as I could. I won't regret when SPORTS moons.

What if SPORTS hits the $0.001 Price mark? Would you regret not buying in now? A food for thought...

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