With 5 million Market Cap, more SportsPreneurs could be eyeing SPORTS

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Hi friends and followers, Happy Sunday. Shortly, football lovers would be camping in sports viewing centres in my locality to thrill themselves with live EPL matches. I've never had a favourite team ever since I stopped watching Chelsea FC many years ago. I go for sports at least once weekly to keep fit but would rarely sit to watch sports. I rather would spend that 90 minutes to watch the SPORTS market on Hive-engine/LeoDex or perhaps build my team on Rabona.

The last week has been a robust one for SPORTS token which kissed its all-time-high value of 0.01 HIVE per token few days ago. Though the value couldn't stay for long, yet, it had drawn some attention to SPORTS token and the SportsTalkSocial community. It amazes me to see new investors try to build their stake up the richlist towards the 50 million mark. This has served as a challenge for me after I had stopped my monthly staking target for the token. I think I should set a target for the coming November, 2020.


This last quarter of 2020 seems to look like the 2017 Q4 when we had the hottest crypto bull season. With the increase in crypto adoption and creation of more use cases, it is imperative that this year end may create another record in the crypto space. Already, we are seeing BTC dance around the USD 13k mark. It's good that Hive tokens have been a part of the ride. Thanks to LEO that did create the path.

Since October 23, SPORTS has braced efforts to create a support for its 0.00035 HIVE price. There is a high probability that the token may be breaking that barrier towards the upper side of 0.0005 HIVE. We're all praying for a 1 cent value and I hope those days come sooner. I had thought of hodling SPORTS for the next 5 to 10 year, but it seems a 1 cent value could be realizable sooner than six months from now.

With the interests growing towards the token and the likelihood of having at least 3 national clubs to join the SportstalkSocial community by the end of Q1 of 2021, we may soon e having some games and "big" shops that would be utilizing SPORTS token for its financial transactions.


A look-up the market cap of Hive tokens screenshot above shows SPORTS on the sixth spot with over 5 million as market cap., though with a 24 hour trading volume less than $100. At this point, the token is still very fresh and has a huge potential for any sports investor or sportspreneur to buy-in at this cheap rate and hodl them into the future when mass adoption hits the Hive blockchain. I wish had some spare $1k to pick up more 14 million tokens.

The future is fast approaching, we shouldn't be waiting and watching crypto projects. Get involved but with caution and detailed research. Things may turn out bigger than we thought.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

I'm you passionate Hive tokens Marketer and Curapreneur!

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