How To Invest in @steemmonsters Paying Less Than 50% of The Booster Pack Price - The Best Deal Ends in Less Than 3 Hours!

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The stars have aligned for a magnificent investment opportunity into what is basically the #1 blockchain game on the planet. Take a look at the statistics and tell me if @steemmonsters isn’t at least a Top 5 blockchain games. We are very unlikely to see am investment opportunity like this into @steemmonsters again. We have a game that is not well known at 3 (or 4 if you have deep pockets) deals aligning together to stack up to save your well over 50%

The Power Up Promotion – You Have 3 Hours Left

  • 20 Cents worth STEEM for each Untamed Pack Purchased
  • You can buy packs with DEC and still get STEEM
  • Purchase at shop and get 10% your purchase value back in SP (DEC purchases not included)

Buying With DEC Gives 38% - 44% Discount

Monster 1.png

Monster 2.png

  • When buying from shop, 1000 DEC is considered $1
  • 1000 DEC can be bought on market for $0.62 - $0.56
  • Works for Untamed Booster Packs + Potions

Save 2% With PeakMonsters or

  • With @peakmonsters you will have to be a big spender to get the 2% off
  • gives everyone 2% back
  • Purchases made are eligible for future card airdrops

You can get 10% or 15% free Booster Packs when buying in bulk reducing your discount even more. But in case you are just a player on a budget like me, let’s try a scenario where you get a “Bad Deal”

Congratulations! You Just Bought An Untamed Booster Pack For Less Than $1

Bonus - 11 Upcoming Airdrops


On top of writing about all these deals, I will give you a Reward Card if you have a new account signing up with this link: You should also remember that even when the Power Up Promotion ends at 12 PM EST, you will still be purchasing Booster Packs at at least a good 40% discounted rate (along with Potions)

Happy Gaming! - Happy Investing!

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Just yesterday a friend of mine asked me about Splinterlands after reading my post about it. I think Splinterlands will have a new player shortly. Splinterlands is currently the best blockchain game.

I'm happy to see new players joining in. It really is the best blockchain game based on my research as well.

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Yus! Great tips!

Thanks for sharing!

Wow! I didn't expected to get curated out of nowhere this soon. Thank you very much! I bought another pack with the little bit of STEEM/SBD I had left :-)

With @peakmonsters you will have to be a big spender to get the 2% off

Not really true that you have to be a "BIG" spender ... it takes very little to get there. And then it goes higher than 2% pretty quickly.

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