I believe in LEO and I finally created my LEO curation account ! 🙌

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Hello HODLers and LEO Users,

Even if Markets are down at the moment, this has been a great day as LEO traded for some time to parity with HIVE. This is great and will bring overall value to the HIVE ecosystem ! It is a WIN-WIN situation,

LEO/HIVE Trading Pair

As I prepare myself to provide liquidity for the wLEO-ETH Uniswap Pair, I feel confident about @leofinance.

I have been there for a while and harvested these tokens actively over the past few months, I have been buying more in end of July, beginning of August (obviously not enough...).

As I am a Portfolio Manager, this community always interested me and I believe the team is very engaging, I love their livestream and the energy !

**I am also very impressed by the development (the Beta looks great), I use LeoDex daily, I also use Hivestats. The business model and buybacks are a great buying pressure for the medium-long term.

I also read from my favorite authors on there :
@taskmaster4450, @rollandthomas, @scaredycatguide, @abh12345, @dalz, @trumpan, @jrcornel, @uyobong, @xyzashu, @resiliencia, @toofasteddie ...

Hands up to @khaleelkazi for driving this project and for these great results. I will support it as much as I can.

I have not used my LEO Power efficiently as it was linked to my @vlemon account.

So, I decided to create a special LEO curation account to improve and do better on my LEO curation!

So if you get an upvote from @cryptolemon.leo ! You know which tokens it will be giving you :D. I am powering down at the moment to provide liquidity so I will delegate to that account next week probably.

Let's see what LEO brings in the future and I hope we will look back at this time as: "The beginning" !


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It took me a while until I set up a separate one too cause I was lazy. It's totally worth it!

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It surely seems like it ! I will set everything up tomorrow hehe !

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One of my best moves on Hive - 30% return on curation from this account! Don't forget - vote after 0 mins on LEO!

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I should have done it a while ago... Kind of mad I did not hehe. Going to set up everything.

Any tool to tailor my automatic LEO upvote to consider?

Cheers !

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I use Hive.vote

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Thanks for the tip !

what would be the right time? I do it after 1hr @revise.leo

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For LEO its 0 minutes, for Hive it's around 2.5 mins.

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Good to see you getting involved in curation. The more widely we can spread the rewards pool, the better it is for the long term health of the LEO Token.

Also worth keeping in mind that as a chunk of the LEO whales unstake their tokens to provide liquidity for wLEO, it could also be a great opportunity for smaller accounts to take a larger chunk of the curation rewards on offer.

I'm not changing my habits and will continue to write a daily blog on LeoFinance and manually curate content with a focus on actual investment topics.

See you around! :)

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Indeed, smaller account can BUIDL while big one tries to bring liquidity on Uniswap to bring other users into this great project ! I will set it all up right now !

Cheers @forexbrokr

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I love doing the curation alts. Let’s us reward the members of the communities if they garner the vote of one in it. I’m following Task right now for mine, are you doing Leo voter?

I was yes and will continue to do so. I was thinking to do average 50% of trail/people I follow and then X2 for Leo Upvote through Leo.voter

It’s a great time to stake up and start curating as you will have more influence now that tokens are being pulled out of the system to supply the liquidity pools! Fun times ahead

Let’s see if A Hive token can live on its own out there in the Crypto world 😂

Good decision buddy!
I will be there posting like I usually do! 😉

Hehe I know you will be there ! Did you get the Crypto.com referral? (I stakes the 1000 CRO already).

Yes! 🔥🔥

I follow your investment choices that you make. You always put your money in rare gems. I'd love to see your LEO portfolio grow with time.

Let's all roar loud to shake the market!

Well I guess I will grow with the platform 😀. You have quite a stake too, what is your plan?

Oh, a few days back I changed my earlier plans to provide liquidity on Uniswap. I don't see providing liquidity just for the airdrop is worth it, considering the mad rush for it (and taking into account Gas prices ...& some other personal factors too). So I sold off my week's power down. Now will wait for a dip (much bigger than today's).

It could also be a good strategy ! I have to say I sold 400 LEO too but I am thinking long term and the total market cap is 500k$ at the moment for a good ecosystem, a few great websites and a good community. I would rethink this if it was valued at >5M+ 👌

It looks like things are starting to heat up around here.

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Lol absolutely so it looks, brace yourself!

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Glad to see that my peeps are here too xD

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Your peeps certainly are not going to miss out on LEO's progress!

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I guess the shuttle is on the launch track ! :D

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Hehe...nice to know...welcome to the Lions Den 🦁🦁🦁🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

I always was accumulating in the dark ! I just came out now 😂

Hehe...nice to know...welcome to the Lions Den 🦁🦁🦁🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Hehe...nice to know...welcome to the Lions Den 🦁🦁🦁🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Hehe...nice to know...welcome to the Lions Den 🦁🦁🦁🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Hehe...nice to know...welcome to the Lions Den 🦁🦁🦁🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Nice one :)

I've had a bunch of tribe alts rolling for a year now and it has been worth the effort.

SHould have done that so long ago... Kind of mad I did not but oh well ! Let's correct this now xD

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I appreciate your move mate and for some days, I've been thinking of similar ideas. Btw, Leo made Hive ecosystem more profitable as 1 vote provides you both Hive and something else that can bring you profit. Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone 😌

Indeed ! Adding value to the entire ecosystem 🙏