Wleo Got Hacked: Leo Funds And Leo Site Are Safe (And I'm Not Going Anywhere)

15 days ago
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I'm gone off of Leo for 24 hours and this happens :p.

First of all I know the Leo team is working their asses off and although this is an unfortunate situation it is just a temporary one that will only make us stronger in the end. Know the community is strong on this site and we are not going anywhere.

Despite the setback leo coins did not get hacked and the Leo site is still unscathed.

A Momentum Killer But We Are Still Moving Forward

In terms of damage this has slowed down the crazy momentum that was building behind Leo but has not stopped the site from moving forward. People are still posting and development is still in the works by the team. It will take some time to shake this off but it will not stop us and the Leo coin is still on the way to be a major run if we keep working hard.

How I Am Reacting To This?

I'm not. I was upset when I heard the news at first and hope that people get their ethereum back as soon as possible but nothing about my Leo usage will change. I'll still be stacking Leo and posting on this site often as it has the best potential to be the place for bloggers to make a decent living online. I'm even posting right now on the site so really this will not slow me down.

Moving forward we all need to keep working and not let this weigh us down too heavily. Yeah it is very unfortunate and it did hit us at a time of great momentum but like I said the site is and Leo coin are still safe and the team is still here rolling out update after update.

Don't forget that ethereum integration will be here soon, maybe even this week.

Keep strong Leo team and community, we got this.

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