All Eyes On Bitcoin - $17,000

11 days ago
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Bitcoin briefly hit $17,000 this morning and is consolidating a bit at this time. Likely before continuing it's journey to $20,000.

Meanwhile many ALTs have been struggling, but remember when Bitcoin gets above it's all time high and receives a lot of attention, it will likely be alt-season.
Many will feel bitcoin moved too far too fast and that they missed the boat, but they will not want to miss the crypto opportunity, at this point they FOMO into ALTs. From a satoshi point of view I can see alts continuing to lose more ground, but because they trade mostly against BTC at this time, I would guess that alts like Hive have probably hit a USD bottom at this time.

The big question now is how high will BTC go. Some of the estimates are into the $300,000 range. At this point that still seems incredibly optimistic to me. However, I am not starting to take any profits yet.


It's a great time to be in crypto, what are your predictions?


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