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A couple of days ago I asked the LeoFinance Community for feedback in this post.


The feedback and interaction on the post was awesome, thank you all for taking your time to communicate. Our current users are a reflection of our future users and play an important role in shaping the future of the platform.

The post asked 2 questions: How did you hear about or find Leofinace.io and what can we do to grow the community as a Social Network vs. only being attractive to a limited market of aspiring Authors and Bloggers.

Most of those who responded reported that they joined back in the Steem days and migrated over with the split.

Other answers included clicking on twitter articles or found an article via an Internet Search.

I'd like to get more feedback from some of the younger accounts that have found us more recently. So please continue to respond here.

Regarding growth many focused on the retention side of the issue of making things easier on end users, a theme of needing support, guides or mentoring was a strong theme amongst those who took the time to answer.

Many users also mentioned how important engagement is to them, and I understand that feeling there is nothing worse than posting to the universe and having total silence as a response.

A part of @shortsegments thoughtful answer above.

I'd like to gather a bit more feedback before moving on, so please continue to provide feedback here.

Early suggestions:

Young accounts could use some support to get up and operational. We don't have a formal plan for this yet, but in the meantime when you come across new users offer some assistance, or if they are just misusing tags try offering assistance instead of harsh reprimands.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) could be key to users wanting to join the conversations here. Note: Please see @hitmeasap recent posts on this topic to understand how this works.

Please continue to answer the following questions.

  1. How you found out about LeoFinance.
  2. What are your suggestions on growing the User base.


A note about the last post and some clarification and Politics and it pains me to address it at all. :)

It seems an end user thought I used the leo.voter account to upvote the post.

I didn't.. Khal upvoted it for visibility. I have no access to that account.
HiveWatchers decided to downvote that post and another based on this end-user's report. It was a funny process trying to communicate with them, ultimately they removed one downvote but not the other, and chose not to answer why.

I have zero interest in "Rewards Disagreement" battles, but I want to make it clear as a Leo Curator I do not control nor have access to the Leo.voter account. Let's avoid being petty.

Social Media is fun, it's casual and does not require stress.

My goals as a Leo Curator are to reward end-users for engagement and participation and to build enthusiasm within the community.


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