The Best...or Worst Bitcoin Baby Original Crypto Memes

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Bitbaby 2.jpg
Okay so I do not claim to be any good, (well this article is of to a good start right away) but I have been creating some BitcoinBaby Original Crypto memes along the way.

So I guess why not share them, maybe there is some one out there.....(hmm sounds like a song from when I was little....what do you mean when you were little, you´re a baby)

So let´s start with one you might already have seen..but it´s one of my fav.

BTC Tribute.jpg

Okay if you did not like that one.......

I suggest you stop wasting you´re time and you and your humor go find some cool kids to play with.


BTW I do not want a Lambo...I want a Lambo Campervan (no this one is not mine and no meme)


Okay now that we have that out of the way...and there are only people truly committed to follow this post till the end lets come up with something that is good looking.

Thet a.jpg

Okay, Okay...just in case I have some female´s in the audience let´s do the equality thing:

Weekned Dip.jpg

Yes I am a true believer in the following conspiracy Theory...Did you notice that we always have a dip on Sunday? Well my theory is that the Bulls are having beers on Saturday night and that beer turns bulls into bears.

bulls to bears.jpg

And on that topic just watch out you do not get hurt during a bull run.

Bull run suprise.jpg

Okay enough Bull shit now it´s time for something more serious as people really can loose money getting into crypto.

buy buy buy.jpg

But they are the lucky ones because honestly, because ....... Profit stinks.


There is only one thing that stinks worse than Profit....the regulators.


OMG I so do not like these guys trying to protect the biggest Shitcoin in history.

shit doll.jpg

But there is one other Shitcoin army I really hate walking into.....I made the mistake once saying DOGE is no real crypto and see what happened:

Doge Army 2.png

But in all honesty I really love the Crypto Journey so far.....and I hope you guys and girls enjoyed my lousy sense of humor.


Okay so it can´t be all fun and games there are 2 important lessons I want to share before you leave:

1)Always make sure you have enough Dorito´s

good dip.jpg

2)Be sure to at least hit that like button and make me a Happy Todler Hodler

hodler trader tod.png

Thanks for the read and have a lovely day!

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