Binance Resumes Dogecoin Withdrawal After Tweets Spat Between Musk and CZ

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So, Binance resumes the Dogecoin withdrawals following a system glitch caused by the DOGE wallet upgrade. Binance, the largest crypto exchange by volume, announced today that Dogecoin withdrawls are resumed after being stuck for about 17 days.

The whole Binance Dogecoin issue started in earlier November with a simple wallet upgrade gone bad. Old Dogecoin transactions from 2019 were re-played and Binance sent Dogecoins from its wallet to the 1,634 wallets to whom withdrawals were made back then.

In order to recover lost funds, Binance asked the users whose transactions were replayed to return the funds. They even warned them to freeze assets in their wallets equivalent to Doge coins sent.

But the things heated up, when Elon Musk tweeted that matter surrounding Binance Dogecoin withdrawal problem is shady and Binance CEO replied bluntly that problem was due to latest wallet upgrade. So after the resolution of Doge wallet issue today, Binance blamed the whole issue to a combination of unlikely factors emanating from Dogecoin blockchain upgrade.


Well, apparently thing got escalated between Msuk and Binance CEO CZ over Dogecoin issue, but matter settled down as CZ quickly backed off. And now with Binance Dogecoin returns resumed, things seems to be returning to normal.


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This news might make the dogecoin market become bullish

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But fact remains, all pet coins are dumb!

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