Building Up Leo Power In Response To Linear Curation Curve

12 days ago
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My current Leo reserves stand at meager 375 LEO. I admit that I boarded the Leo train a bit late but better late than never. And since I wanted to invest in Leo for long time so I invested my savings in LEO Miners(1000 LEOM) and now getting steady returns.

With the introduction of linear curation curve on Leo Finance, I have decided to power up my small Leo holdings and make some curation rewards in process. The previous non-linear curation curve didn't offered curation that much for low LEO power holders. But with the new flat curation reward system in effect, I feel low LEO Power holders like me, will get just curation rewards. It doesn't matter when you vote and how much power you hold, you just get rewarded as per your vote worth(bigger or smaller).

I will be following the curation trail of the leo.voter account. I think leo.voter is doing a decent job of manual curation and adding value to the platform. Right now my 1st goal is to reach 1000 Leo Power as soon as possible. With blogging, mining and curation returns, I am hopping to reach the milestone as soon as possible.

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