Do you think this referral program idea could work for HIVE?

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Here's my idea

Every account that is onboarded via my RC Token (or later via Delegation) should have a json added to it Affiliate: @ash for exmaple.

Frontends such as @peakd could then offer affiliate settings

  • Activate Affiliate Program Y/N

If yes

Set forced Beneficiary Default 2.5% Affiliate 2.5% DAO via the Frontend, in this example peakd. Now the percentages should be modifiable, eg. let me set 5% to DAO or 5% to Affiliate.

If the referred account posts via peakd there's now an automatic beneficiary set as per the affiliates settings.

This is creating a non-cheatable win-win situation.

When I invite bloggers to hive, it's now in my very best interest that they're successful. The invited blogger has someone to ask questions to etc.

The Buyout

Now I invited Alice some months ago, and she has become super successful on HIVE. She even pays for marketing and advertisement for her blog.

It's natural that at one point she want to have the full rewards, instead of sharing 5%.

Here's the deal: Pay 100 HBD (80% to Affiliate + 20% to DAO) and the 5% forced beneficiary is removed from your account.

This is tying the referred accounts success even tighter to the affiliate. Giving even more incentive for them to make their referrals as successful as possible.

What do you guys think - is this a good idea? Who would be able to make this happen?

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This is what we do with steempress referrals (without the buyout) and we've seen quote a bit of success.

I think it's a great idea, but all front ends would need to agree on it to enforce it, or it would need to be at the chain level.

I think it's an interesting discussion to have, I made an issue and will bring it up at the next core dev meeting

That's awesome that you've had success with this idea.
Where do you store the info of who is the referrer? Account json metadata? Or maybe since it's just for you guys for now you have a private db

cc @asgarth

Already replied on Discord about this. It's what I'm planning to do for the onboarding system.

We use a private db, because it's beneficiaries that we cut from steempress's share (we take 15% benefs, but if you refer someone, we'll take 12.5 and 2.5 will go to you)
so it doesn't matter too much, if you guys are interested we could put it in their account metadata in the future though.

I like the idea of the refferal system and it being tied to becoming a successful blogger. I'm not too keen on taking someone's rewards, its hard enough as it is for a noob. I think that if this could be tied to payments from the DOA that could work, so if I have 3 bloggers under me and they are active each month for 12 months you get a paid. That way it's in everyone's interest to keep an active user and we all have a incentive to bring in users and keep them here

Without going in the specifics I'd love to see some sort of referral system. It would be rewarding for those that spend most of the time getting in new users as well as motivate them to support those new users while they find their way

Referral system is nice...I don't like that they have to buy their independence from their referrer though, it feels like you own them....I think it's better if it runs out after the referrer earns a certain amount

i agree with this. i also don't like the buyout at the end, it feels sleazy

I like your ideas. A referral system.

What you've proposed sounds similar to bitshare's approach, including the buyout. I feel like I can envision what you're proposing.

I've been reading through the platform proposals lately. I think there's opportunity to marry this idea with some other ideas, kind of tie them together.

Definitely a great discussion to have going. I hope this response provides value to your efforts.

BAT is kyc/fully centralized, that's no option in my opinion.

I like what dapplr is doing, but that's only a local solution :)

@ash I believe it's a good idea but I think people will have abuse it. People always have a way of cheating the system but if this can be handled. Then it's good.

In my construct there is no cheating. Nothing is created on top

I'm not sure how it should be designed, but bringin in affiliate would probably speed up the process on onboarding new people. Incentive will make more people care about onboarding new people on the chain

I like it! It could provide a good incentive to provide account creation and/or onboard people.

I'd try onboard people but I don't currently have enough rc to claim accounts. Getting there slowly.

I think instead of taking a cut from the referral there should be rewards added from the DAO or something users fund themselves to a specific account set aside just for the ref rewards. This would eliminate the buy out step you mentioned and would instead just be an extra incentive to invite successful people and you're also inclined to curate and guide them as the rewards are "created" instead of taken from the author which would create issues down the road of feeling cheated, etc.

So the DAO or another account would give out the rewards automatically to the referrer depending on post rewards those new accounts have made and could also have more parameters set up for things like engagement, etc.

but wouldn't that open gates for cheating?

Hmm, how? It still depends on post rewards the referred accounts get which is "policed" by the community.

you could open alternative accounts and upvote making them meet the threshold . milking DAO. you earn 105% instead of 100%.

this. people go to extreme lengths if there's something for free

good idea
i would leave the dao out. not sure how force able the beneficiary feature is at chain level. maybe crosspost it on hivedevs.

force able the beneficiary feature is at chain level

it shouldn't be. only affiliate information should be on-chain, everything else should be handled by the frontends

just thinking out loud.

maybe hard fork it into the account creation tokens. this way there is an added value to the token too.

mh, that would make sense too I guess

If I remember correctly @howo is involved with account creation tokens .. maybe he will honour us with his opinion :)

Sounds really interesting, but also kind of like slavery lol. It would definitely make sense, but I'm not sure how a referred user would feel if he sees that 5% of his earnings go to somebody else. That might "scare away" some users.

But in any case it would be interesting to try.

I think this idea is along the lines that needs to happen, the only thing i am not sure of is the buyout at the end....hmmmmm it could be good...
Here's something to consider that a different app does which i think is good:
you earn $8 per every referral, but they have to be active, meaning there has to be some threshold reached in order to receive the referral maybe it's a certain number of comments and/or this system would only reward people who bring in active people....This would greatly reduce abuse. I'm looking forward to an affiliate system for Hive...

activity will be botted, unfortunately

What about this:
Once the person who was referred by you reaches a certain level of earnings, (and in the beginning, 5% of their rewards goes toward the person who referred them,), so say 10 HIve is the amount that is given to the person who referred them....once that 10 Hive is reached, it goes to the referrer, and then after that, the 5% is removed, and the new person earns all of their rewards at 100%?
This would incentivize us all to help our friends become successful on Hive, as we would earn 10 Hive over time for each one.....and if we failed at helping onboard them, we would earn nothing....

this .

I have cross-posted this to the Hive Marketing community:

Busy back on the steem days used to have something similar where you got 5% of all your referred rewards for 1 month.

I don't have insights in the usage there, but I did not use it because it was a waste of time. One month is not worth it to put in time or money to get new bloggers started IMO.

Yeah, it was never that popular, to begin with - something cooler would be needed, like 5% of every post until you get 100hp from your referred person, for example, that would be so cool!

thanks for keeping us informed

Sounds like a really good idea.
I am not for the buyout at the end, but I am also not sure if the benefits should be removed. Maybe over time with some amounts earn, it could just get reduced slowly over time with some a amounts earned.

Slowly getting a point where its 1% dao and 1% affilate and theb it just stays there forever :)
You will always gain a bit for your efforts in inviting them to hive