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I've come across many who don't feel planning in any way for the future is the best practice; They make arguments like I might not get there or why think about the future when I can live right now and the good-old favourite, the government will provide for me. Oh yeah, that old chestnut.

Ok, I get it. We are all different and have different understandings, opinions and tolerances...Besides, what someone else does or does not do doesn't really affect me too much other than put additional drain on a government already struggling to make ends meet and provide the charity those handout-reliant people seek.

So, clearly I'm not of the live for now, fuck the future ilk. I take a more active role in my future whilst deploying a pretty decent now. I guess one could say I have a good future vision, but look through the present at the same time. It gives my wife and I a good balance I guess, and we have a pretty decent life.

I was chatting on Discord to a young lad in Nigeria last night in between writing a post. He had reached out to me and as I'm always willing to give people the time of day we spent 30 minutes chatting. His handle is @adeyemidrey and I urge you to check him out. He could use your attention and would be very grateful of it.

He was telling me about the income situation there and as a 27 year-old university graduate with two jobs he is still struggling to make ends meet. He told me what he earns a month and I made the comment about being embarrassed to disclose what my wife and I earn in a combined income per month in comparison to what he brings in; I won't say the figure he earns although it was quite small.

It made me think of what a person like that young lad would feel like, how his motivation may be gained and the stress he must feel over his current and future financial position. I can only imagine how difficult it must be.

I'm fortunate to live in Australia, I love my country, respect it and feel fortunate to come home here after my travels all over the world...Sure, there's a lot wrong here and I can be heard complaining about a lot of it (rarely on steem though) and can see many areas for improvement of course, however compared to young adeyemidrey's issues...Hmm, nothing here could ever seem that bad.

And yet, he seemed upbeat and driven, a visit to his blog revealed what I would have to say is a pretty good attitude. It was refreshing considering it may seem easier to simply fall in a heap with his hand out.

His positive attitude is in stark contrast to many I come across here in Australia, and other places, who don't often maintain that same attitude, and certainly don't display the sort of ownership and responsibility that I think the user mentioned above has. Of course, I speak generally here and haven't met everyone one on the entire planet yet.

Seeking instant gratification and pushing the onus for the future implications of that ethos to other people, charities and governments for instance, feels irresponsible to me...Especially when those people live in a country like Australia where opportunity to stand tall and on one's own feet exists. I wonder how long a person like that may last in a place like Nigeria. My guess is about 35 seconds, and it wouldn't end well.

We're fortunate to have some financial intelligence and that my wife and I are on the same page. We work hard at our jobs, invest, make mostly sensible decisions around need or want spending and find a pretty healthy balance between now and the future...Could we have more now instead of planning for a future that could very well never eventuate? Sure could, but what if that future does eventuate and we're not prepared? Living off the largesse of the government, or anyone else for that matter, is not something we would ever rely upon as it may not be available...And yet people fail to prepare for their future.

Let's hope that steem shoots through the stratosphere for the benefit of all of us; You, adeyemidrey and my wife and I also. I think we deserve it right? But in the meantime, for myself at least, I'm acting now, for the future and the present. Making hard decisions and taking action.

I'm keen to hear your thoughts on the matter, your opinions or indeed what actions you are taking yourself. Are you a live only for now sort of character or do you take an active role in your present and future in some fashion?

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default
An original post written by a human
Discord: galenkp#9209 🇦🇺

Pictured is Faith looking forward into the future whilst enjoying a lovely day with me in the famous McLaren Vale wine region. It's possible to do both and still enjoy life; For us at least although I believe it can work for anyone willing to attempt it.

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Yup, agree, we definitely live in the lucky country.

Yes, I agree.

We all have our individual differences when it comes to decision and we, human, tend to relax when you see an helping hands, and therefore fold our hands. I think if we can find a way to effect change in a positive way in our life by fending for ourselves, government won't have to go through thick to subsidies majority of the things we use for survival.

I'm really grateful for the audience you gave me yesterday as it is very rare, though what made it easier was the fact that I wasn't strange to you as we have connected on steeemit through comment which is why I often say community engagement is one of the things we needed in order to succeed on this blockchain.

I think what could make us a better person is when we stop complaining about what the government has not done, but rather take responsibility for us actions.

You're welcome for the shoutout. I rarely resteem other peoples posts and felt a mention in one of mine may have a better effect as it would allow me to say a few words about you rather than simply resteem one of your posts with no supporting text.

Being in the "sweet warm spot", and being the average man in a developed country, doesn't make you a fighter or a future planner. You pretty much don't have to do that, because lots of things are a given, including a well paid job of course, and that's what I was talking to people I meet around Europe as well. Romania is probably not in the same situation as Africa, but is far from being equally good to Germany for example, and quite often I was telling the Germans, to come live in Romania for a few years and see the difference. The sense of relaxation and constant smiles on their face would melt in a few months. I do believe though that this is our destiny as a people, but that doesn't chain us, of course, to such a condition, and the user you tagged is the proof that a powerful mindset can make a change. The conditions around might be very harsh, but living on default would only make them harsher. Sharp swords are created using fire and not just warm sun rays. Just followed the guy and at least once in a while I will resteem some of his posts. My VP won't help him too much.

My post was a way to bring a little attention to someone I felt deserving of it. Seems to have worked.

Hello @galenkp Friend.

I tell you that what you say is very true.
Planning is very important in our lives and especially when we do not know about our future, because although it is often uncertain, we must be prepared for that.
As a professor at a university in Venezuela I can say that this area of planning is handled very well by my wife who is also a professor at the same university.

My country and Nigeria are very similar in the quality of the governments that are leading to the country.

But the positive aspect and planning should always go hand in hand.

. Please let me know how the fires continue in your country.

Hey there, thanks for commenting and offering your opinion. I also believe future-planning is incredibly important to ensuring a pleasant and sustainable lifestyle moving forward. Still, many have other ideas and so we can only work within the parameters of our own understanding.

We still have wildfire issues here however the situation is more under control at least. Many stories of heartache and heroism are emerging now and people are looking towards the future and their options. It will be a long time before many get their lives back on track however, and the financial and insurance aspects are now becoming the focus. Thanks for asking, much appreciated.

Just as a side note, it's cool that you both work at the same university. Can I ask what your areas of expertise are?

Clear. I am a public accountant, my area is public policy I dictate a very essential subject in the public accounting career, it is called: Government Accounting or State Accounting.

My wife is an Industrial Administrator with a specialization in Human Resources or genstion. Hunama also teaches the subject of Human Management in the career of public accounting and Business Administration. Additionally it also gives a subject called industrial planning.-

By the way how about the knife,

I already use it?

It sure sounds like you two know your stuff! It makes you commenting on my little blog even more pleasing as it sort of endorses my thoughts as correct. I appreciate that.

I haven't received the knife from America yet, but it shouldn't be too far away. I'm pretty keen to see it.

I think everyone in Western countries like ours should be required to do a mission trip to some of the poorest nations. Whenever I hear young people talk about doin that it changes their attitude forever.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Yes, I agree...To see how people in poorer countries live can bring some humility and perspective. When I trekked the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea this is how I felt myself; Changed my outlook. I'll #sunday-showcase those posts someday as they were posted back in 2017.

Back in 2017, ancient history! lol...I wonder if you'll still be posting in another 3 years from now?

Ancient history as there's no valid way of finding the post now...Scrolling back through or using an old post look up tool which is what I use but that only works as I know what I'm looking for.

Good question...Will I be posting in 3 years from now? I can't answer that of course as I don't know where the platform will be at that stage. If it is like Facebook then probably not. I think it's interesting to think about.

You mentioned that you're going to scale back because your account isn't growing and that's fair enough, but I don't see it that way. I'm not necessarily here for the financial reward at all. I get more disappointed at low engagement numbers than I do at low payouts. So, if I get low engagement then I'll probably do things differently.

There's so many what if scenarios here and I'm happy to ride it out and see where it leads. Besides, I read some cool things and have some cool conversations with some legit people so what's not to like?

Do you feel the way in which you currently work the system is the most advantageous? I mean in respect of your commenting. I post twice a day so when you come across a 7 day old post it's 14 posts ago for me and I've moved on. Also, you can't vote on it anymore so get no curation value.

Wouldn't it be better to go on each day, go to the blog of those you follow, or your feed, and engage with the last 48 hours? It'll seem more relevant to you and the author.

This would be more effective from an engagement and curation perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I like our chats, but if your account isn't growing you need to gain more curation rewards. Just a suggestion.

In reality I don't know if I'll be here in 3 years or not, but if you're not enjoying it my advice is to disappear and go do something with your life that you really value. Life's too short not to.

Howdy again sir galenkp! yes of course my goal is to comment as currently as possible but the volume is greater than the time I have had available lately. So I just can't keep up with everyone I'm following and the amount of comments is so great that I usually have to choose between posting or replying to people.

That's why almost all voting is autovoting so I'm getting the maximum as far as curation.

Most people on here don't need the income but I do, it has nothing to do with not enjoying it because it's a blast.

I see. Well if it's income you need I doubt you'll find sufficient funds coming out of steem in the near future and whilst I hold hopes and some belief that prices will rise in the future it's probably some time away, which is why I try to gather a little bit of steem here and there now.

I understand the time-commitment here, that there's only so much time in the day to go around and that a return on time-investment needs to be forthcoming however at this stage steem isn't going to provide that.

I'm the first to say that one needs to take care of business and if that means dropping off something that you enjoy to go and earn some much-needed funds elsewhere then that's what you have to do.

Yes sir I agree, I think most people think it will be 2 or 3 years before Steem gets to be a few dollars and 10 or so in 5 years maybe? But of course who really knows. I think I can still keep growing my account, it will just be slower than it already is. lol.

I'm trying to show patience for the price to rise because I recall that good things comes to he who waits however anytime now would also work well! I think what may look like a few steem here and there now will look much healthier when (if) it hit's $10 and that's what I'm hoping and waiting for. I guess it's no different to buying gold or silver...One needs to wait for the benefits to come.