Rockstar status through downvotes - I have groupies!

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I've seen posts by users who have collected a few of those $0.00 downvotes...You know, the ones that are more annoying than anything else. They're meaningless of course, downvotes are just a by-product of #newsteem and are everyone's right to cast as they see fit.

It's ok though, because if a downvote comes in, and happens to remove any real value, it simply removes value from the post and sends it back to the reward pool for redistribution to other users. It's just part of the ecosystem.

Like most others I have also received a downvote here or there.

Two users called @dobartim and @flysky have taken it upon themselves to downvote every post of mine, since December 2019 - 100% downvotes of between $1.85 to over $2.40 or so on each occasion...Not combined, I mean each user.

So, it's not uncommon rewards gained on my posts to drop by close to $5.00 at a time...Those rewards head back to the pool for someone else to benefit from, maybe you even.

Further to those two users are a couple of their friends @xboxguru and @tatjanastan who have added their downvotes also...I guess you could say I have my own downvote groupies! Yep I know, you thought I might be a rockstar, now you know I am! I've never had anything to do with these users of course and if you go to their blogs...Well, they're greyed out so you won't find much.

So, these users are beholden to me for some reason, they love me, even though I'm not the messiah...(Just a rockstar). I can't take rockstar status all on my own though, that would be greedy...My brother @tarazkp also takes a similar amount of downvotes as does another user...So they might be rockstars too I guess - (I assure you they are.) You can check all of this for yourself on steemworld of course, if you are so inclined, it's all there for the world to see.

Anyway, I think downvoting is a positive thing for steem and so the downvoting doesn't bother me in the least bit...I haven't stopped posting and certainly haven't shortened my posts at all either, with no intention to do so...I'll just keep posting like the rockstar I am.

I've posted 1.48 posts for every single one of the 945 days I've been on the platform, all original posts with zero plagiarised work or non-sensical text - I'm proud of that, my posts, the effort and consistency and persistence I have displayed...True rockstar material! Go on, go take a look if you want, I've got nothing to hide...And can post all day long...Forever.

So, to you guys and gals who wear a couple of $0.00 downvotes here and there...Take heart, my steem-rewards are being redistributed back into the reward-pool...Possibly to you.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford

Enough said.

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default
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I'd invest in some autograph pens...
Rock on!

Right on! Thanks for reminding me, I'll head down to Officeworks today...Or send a gopher in true rockstar style. You can come to the after party and have a back stage pass for this comment. ✅

I figure it is why Van Halen rhymes with Galen.

It is quite a strange setup they have going there with their downvotes and alts, especially for people who complained about getting downvoted themselves for their "content". Well, at least they have learned that downvoting is a healthy part of Steem.

I don't think I had any interaction with them prior to getting downvoted either, not that I can remember anyway. I did test downvoting some of their already greyed comments the other day though, just out of curiosity to see what effect it would have on their reputation score. Between you and I, they definitely go over their 2.5 free downvotes a day which costs them opportunity. Well, to each their own.

Some like to build, some like to tear down - some are incompetent at both.

I figure it is why Van Halen rhymes with Galen.

Whyyyyyyy did I not think of this whilst I was writing my post...GOLD!

Get ya ears around this Van Galen.

So yeah, it's the blockchain so each to their own...Besides, where else could I be a fucking rockstar? Lol.

where else could I be a fucking rockstar?

It is a funny old place this Steem :D

Steem or the users? Plenty of funny users for sure.

Both :)

Well, three months ago, I was very close to gain that same rockstar/messiah status too. Since I was also followed by the same gang of lovely groupies spreading their endearing gifts on my content also.

But it just took a single Love Letter addressed to their dear attention right away to stop in the act what could have meant a well romantic and great love affair.

You may try something similar. But be gentle!! Hahahaha

I don't mind them earning less in curation :D

Yep! that's another way to see at it. Right? };)

Wow! I have always wanted to meet a rockstar. I feel like i should ask for your autograph. hahaha.

Happy to give autographs...Not a problem.

Yesss!! hahaha have a great night!

P.s. @badseedalchemist only was sentenced to 8 days. He will be out on 21st Jan. I miss him so much. But feel very blessed.☺

Oh that's good news. 8 is better than 12. I bet he's in there wishing he was out with you. He plans to come out brand new I think, and that's great. You guys can move on with your lives.

Thanks for your support..We are very excited to move forward

Should be good...Get some clarity of thought going, some goals and associated plans. It's an exciting time.

Downvotes are far more enjoyable when you know the reason for them.

I have one long term hater who keeps on downvoting me mostly because he wants to suck my cock, can't blame him we had a disagreement in the past. I can still be happy about it as I know the reason why I'm being flagged.

If it was just a random flagger, I could be a bit worried if I'v done something wrong or if it's just random. Not like I would stress much about it, but I would still like to know!

In the end, I'm happy that downvotes are so normal nowadays.

I don't care why, nor want any justification. It happens and that's all there is...It doesn't change my behaviour and...Once a rockstar, always a rockstar so...It's all good.

Thanks for commenting, it is greatly appreciated. Backstage pass for you and entry to the after party. ✅


Ha, well we might be very different, as I'm curious of why things happen. Not that I would change myself even if I knew.

I want to know because I want to know.

I'm glad you're a rockstar, so hope you'll keep on being one.

I'm curious by nature also, but only in things that actually matter. 😁

It's a real shame how they decide to use their downvotes, same can be said for many others as well. I'm sure that over time and with more and more people noticing their malicious downvotes it will just make your rockstar career even bigger while they remain to be jealous and regret having attempted to cheat the platform and vote-trade their way up until "fake it til you make it" didn't work anymore.

I'm gonna see what I can do with @ocdb and other people who'd be interested in countering their downvotes. By the looks of it they're not much different than what rancho was doing shortly after the HF when the puppet master realized his free reward reign for garbage content was over.

Everyone has the choice to act as they see fit here on the blockchain and in real life. I've had a good experience here sharing my steem-journey with some great people and will continue to do so; I've always been persistent I guess. Other people's journey's are their own.

Let's hope that steem rewards us all commensurate to the efforts we have each put into it. I feel confident that will be the case and I'm content with the journey I have taken here, and look forward to pushing forward with it.

We each reap what we sow in life; I've always thought that.

Thanks for commenting...You can have a backstage pass and entry to the rockstar after party too. ✅ 🙂

Same here man, don't mind those lamebrains and their armies of zero SP bots. The Steem blockchain gives meaning to their boring lives, so it's a win if you ask me. xD

It's not those zero downvotes that this one is about, or the $5 of downvotes all of my posts accrue from the four I mentioned...Its about being a rockstar...And now to trash some hotel rooms.. Lol.

Wait, I've seen that face in the photo. Aren't you the guy who gave Bill and Ted their time machine?

Yeah, you know it! That was me...Kudos for recognising me.:)

I too have been getting LOTS of downvotes by these bots at 25 rep with no SP. I almost made a blog about it saying WTF!? Every once in awhile 3 or 4 of them will downvote one post. That @tarazkp has downvoted me before too. I've seen that name before.

Downvotes have a purpose here...The ones I get are reasonably large and they've been coming in for a long while...Makes no difference to what I do or how I do it. No point complaining about it, might as well own it...So I've claimed my rockstar status and have a funky little following of groupies who follow me around like I'm the Messiah! Who knows, maybe I am and don't know it yet. Still, their taste in rockstars is impeccable...I'm magnificently rocky. 🤣

Chek my BOT Groupies @galenkp

20+ per post....?

That means I got an.....

Sound man, hype guy, bus driver, and dancing (fluff girls)

Rock On Lego-Man...!!

My 20+ creepy stalker downvote bots have a whopping downvote of 0.0 (zeeeero point zeeeero)

I am not a big fan of A.I. It is too easily used for abusive/bad behavior. From the Big Tech Giants with the Censorship/Manipulation right down to these little piss ant Steem Bots.

Thanks 2 @tarazkp, I have not been GAF so much about them. I gotta ask tho.... Are these downvotes from real people, do they read the post and say.... I am gonna downvote this cuz Guns scare me, or I don't like rainbow tye dye, or I hate Truck Drivers & Cats.... Lol

I could see them down voting @tarazkp great writings out of envy and confusion. His posts make ya stop and think.... The down voters probably hate that.... 35nkdhajuh.jpg

Ooops I am ramblin'.... brake check Carry on drivers..... Wooot Wooot....!!!! KrazzyTrukker Air Horn.o5j2dv7wj2.jpg

Rockstar Kitty compliments of Duckduckgo meme search (Rockstar Kitty)

Are these downvotes from real people, do they read the post and say.... I am gonna downvote this cuz Guns scare me, or I don't like rainbow tye dye, or I hate Truck Drivers & Cats.... Lol

They are people, not bots and I'm not sure they can read or not. I don't know them and have never engaged with them. I don't believe they have ever read anything I've written or do I care if they do or not. I had someone ask me in a comment a while back if tarazkp and I were brothers and then the downvotes started so it might be related.

This post was strategically placed for reasons I'll not divulge and it has, indeed, done what it was intended to do. The downvotes will continue I'm sure, and if that's the case then no worries...if it stops then no worries. You know? Just like you not giving a flying fuck about 0.00 downvotes...A downvote is not worthy of much thought no matter the value of it.

As you can see by my post here I don't mind that it is happening; All it has done is increase my exposure to larger accounts who actively combat abusers...So, the results have been positive.

What the fck!? @flysky throws me an occasional downvote, but where's the love?

!giphy shame

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Some groupies are extremely limited and so maybe can't groupie across multiple rockstars?

Don't worry though, I'll have my people talk to your people...Duet coming up! We'll be like Bon Jovi and Whitesnake only way better. Lol.

Here is a mighty upvote to counter those downvotes :)
On all my post I do get downvotes. But I still don't get those. It are 10% downvotes and takes nothing away from my post. Still don't get it why those accounts are doing this!

Here is a !BEER to compensate. They can't take that away :)


Thanks for the beer, bring it to the after party because YOU'RE invited! Should be a good night! Oh, expect a couple backstage passes to come your way too...You can hang with a rockstar...Not sure my groupies will be there, but that's ok, we won't be missing much.

Yes afterpary!!!! We could do the interview with 3speak, use the virtual beer. Use Appics as instagram feed and for the ones who like it, they can record the darkroom for dporn :)

Haha...Sounds good...All except virtual beer...I think real beer may go down better. Lol.

Isn’t it lovely to have your own stalkers, er, I mean groupies?

Oh yeah, I always thought groupies would be cool...Now I got them...Well...All is well in the world.

Thanks for commenting. Backstage pass and tickets to the after party for you✅ It's going to be a riot!


Congratulations @galenkp!
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Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.

Hey @galenkp, here is a little bit of BEER from @fullcoverbetting for you. Enjoy it!

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More beer for the backstage after party! Rock on!

It's nice to get a solid 2-5 downvotes per day. Show you that they care.

It is, and doesn't bother me in the least bit. It's been good for me as it turns out.

Rock on Van Galen :D

Rock and rolling comes natural it seems Asher...Some may think having loyal groupies sitting around somewhere stressing about when next they can groupie on me may lead to immodesty but nah...I'm a humble rockstar and wear my magnificence well, in a humble I'm the fucking best sort of way really. 🤣


Rock and rolling comes natural it seems Asher...

Ah C'mon Van Galen! I prefer 'rollin and tumblin' better. };)

Some interesting grooves there mate...

Yeah! you can say I'm kind of an old swampy & cranky boogie rockstah!! Hahahaha

All rockstars are rockstars no matter of age or groove...So...You're a rockstar.

I agree mate. Yeah! Let's boogie babe!! :)

100% downvotes to over $2.40 or so on each occasion since December 2019
So, these users are beholden to me for some reason

but it is very toxic shit... they not even read these posts, I am sure. it is automated. I dunno what to say... maybe we need this downvoting tool, but its current implementation - i am sure -- is totally wrong. I happened to get such a solid downvote (on a good original post) only once, and it was an ice cold shower of unfairness to me, it put my hands down for literally a half-week.... shit. I dunno what to add more. one dont need groupies like that, at all!!!

I get their downvotes on every post, have done for weeks and weeks...Still, it makes no difference to me...Just confirms my status as a rockstar...One they made. So thanks groupies. 🤣

This is a really healthy mindset to have!

Yes, beats the alternative. I'm not one to buy into peoples idiocy...I just run my own race...Let the drifters do as they please. I'm a design and create my own life guy.

Thanks for commenting, greatly appreciated.

I get it can sting, but you gotta think about the alternatives. Posting on your own site, on Twitter, on Instagram, none of those will earn you anything.

At least you are getting something. The system is wonky, but it's currently the best that exists.

Love your attitude on this!

In the grand scheme of things it means nothing and so it doesn't bother me. I've got more important things to do...Like posting all the fucking time, forever, like the rockstar I am! 🤣


I always wanted to know a rockstar!
Cheers to posting and posting and posting!!



So, it's not uncommon rewards gained on my posts to drop by close to $5.00 at a time...

that is still more then 95% of all steem users so thats ok.
But do you know if there is a specific reason for the downvotes or is it just your awesome rockstarness??
I get those 0.00 downvotes once in a while as well and still think this is from people that do not know what they are doing, as in new to the system and pressing the wrong button.

But do you know if there is a specific reason for the downvotes or is it just your awesome rockstarness?

Don't know or care...Although my awesomerockstariness is difficult to resist you know.

I know, I was hovering over the downvote button for so long before going counter my instincts and giving a lousy 100% upvote... sorry

Damn it...Still, I appreciate it...I'll not call you a groupie, but you can have a backstage pass and entry to the afterparty!

Most of those 15SP ones are part of the camillesteemer nonsense.

Yeah that camilleretard and his army of accounts have been flagging all my posts too. I don't get the point, but so be it. Free entertainment xD

I don't know what methodology they use as it seems random but sometimes concentrates on one or two accounts for a time. Perhaps they see who reacts and then tries to be annoying?

That's a possible explanation. But haters gonna hate anyway, so I've stopped paying attention and giving it thought.

Haters gonna hate and one can never make everyone happy.

Someone had an epiphany yesterday, for a few hours...

2020-01-14 19_35_05-SteemWorld ~ @camillesteemer.png

hahah :D

Lol downvote groupies 🤣

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They fucking love me dude...I can't help being awesome. Sorry, not sorry.


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I wonder why many of the people who abuse the power of the down-vote are the ones who bring so little to the platform. There are so many abuses here on the platform that should be down-voted, and are not. If you take a look at some of the big players, you will see that they self up-vote everything they put out there. You can also see that the same big fish vote for each other every single time. Now, for someone that is still a minnow it would not take much to eliminate all proceeds from a blog with just a single big down-vote.
Down voting is risky business when you are a minnow. Your down vote carries very little weight and why would you every want to piss off a person that can virtually make every blog you post worthless.

There's plenty of abusers out there...It's no different to what happens in a schoolyard only they have a computer to hide behind. A bully is a bully. I don't worry about it. I can control what I do, meaning my posting activity, and nothing else so no point worrying about it.

I'm not loosing any sleep over it @galenkp. I just don't get it. The health of the entire community is what will keep Steemit afloat and unlike yourself I know that some people here on the platform get very discouraged when someone with a fat wallet down-votes their content for no reason at all.

Yeah, I hear you...Some prefer to destroy than create. It would demoralise many I know...I'm fortunate to have more staying power and the ability to see bullies for what they are.

Howdy sir rockstar! Some people here are nearly wiped out. Like mepatriot...he gets hundreds of downvotes on each post, many of his are greyed out. It's censorship because he's a conservative and way too many have been forced out of steemit for the same reason. I hate the censorship here.

Hey mate, good to see you! You've been AWOL! I almost let the dogs out to track you down and bring you back. Lol.

Downvoting for censorship purposes is not legit, just in the same way retaliatory DV's are shot too...There's a place for DV's though, in my opinion...But to DV a person because one doesn't agree with them is not a good thing. I agree.

Now, explain yourself sir...You haven't been around...Do tell, the story must be riveting!

lol...yeah our winters are rather short here and there's alot of outside work I need to get done before it gets warm so I've been doing that work..cutting trees down, trimming trees, working on erosion problems, landscaping...that kind of thing.

It's brutal work because I just use an axe and a hand saw and machete like the pioneers did! So most of my days the last few days have been spent doing that but yesterday and today it's raining so I've been catching up, or trying to!

Ok well your absence is excused becausr you have a valid reason and you have an axe...Lol.

Hope you get it all done and finished soon.

Well it's an ongoing project that will take years to complete but that's okay, at least I won't run out of something to work on!

Yeah I guess...Put your back into it mate! 😂 Don't make me have to get the whip out.

No problem, I'm pretty self motivated. lol.

The only way to be.