HIVE Video Tutorial - Lesson 4 Useful Tools & Features

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This is the 4th and final lesson in the HIVE Getting Started video tutorial.

In this lesson we'll cover:

See even more HIVE dapps at State of the Dapps (thanks @acidyo for the link)

Also learn more about working with your various HIVE keys in this video lesson from @ericwilson.

In addition to Discord communities for HIVE, if you're on Telegram, join the HIVE community there by clicking here.

Have fun with this!

And welcome to HIVE!

See earlier videos here:
Lesson 1 - Creating an Account & Signing in
Lesson 2 - Participating Successfully
Lesson 3 - Money Matters

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Hi @indigoocean I have just finished going through your 4 lessons intro series to Hive and PeakD.

24 hours ago, I had never even heard of Hive.

Previously, I was writing on Sadly, Medium is starting to feel like a lot of the content is just becoming churned out fluff.

I started searching for new emerging social platforms that I could join at an early stage and begin to build a genuine community and audience. That is what led me to Hive.

To be honest, it has been a steep learning curve over the last 24hrs as a lot of the terms and signup processes are alien to someone who is used to centralised platforms like Medium, etc.

The effort you put into those videos are really appreciated by me, and I am sure by many others. So a big thanks for all the hard work and experience that went behind them.

Take care


Glad to hear you found the tutorial early on and that it's been useful to you. Welcome to HIVE!

good post tho, it's very informative for those who still wondering how's working it here. You explained and you discussed it well

awesome lessen
thank you for sharing

You're welcome. Glad it helps.

yes thank you

Hello there. Your tutorial is rrally Good. 😁 Thank you so much. Do you mind if I translate this in Tagalog and make a new video out of it? Full credits will be given of course 😁

Sure, go ahead. Someone was going to do Spanish on one of the others, but it never happened. Would be great to have it in multiple languages.

Good info...nice

Excellent tutorial

thanks i really appreciate your work and effort you putting in video it will help many people who new to this field

I'm glad it helps.

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That is in fact a great achievement @indigoocean! cheers to you 🥂

Fantastic tutorial @indigoocean - reblogged 👍

Thanks so much!

awesome work. 😁

Thank you ❤️