I decided to sponsor a little prize in upcoming Hive Pud Intl.

in hive-174578 •  2 months ago 

I think most of the people are aware of Hive power up day initiative that is hold by @streetstyle

Below is the list of winner of last round.


What caught up my attention in this list that there is no participation of planktons (Hive power less than 500) in this competition.

So if @streetstyle is going to hold this competition for month of June and if he like likes my below idea for motivating the planktons, then I will like to commit for 3 prizes for plankton category for delegation of 50 HP,30 HP and 20 HP for the winners in this category for 3 weeks. All of these prize will be additional to them if they are able to make on the main prize list.

I also hope other community member will also take interest in this imitative either by taking part or sponsoring prize.

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