Fundamentals to Keep Customers in a Retail Business (The ABC of keeping customers)

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You have been willing to start your own retail business but do not know how to handle customers or what to do to keep them coming continually. If you are that person, just stay calm and let me show you some amazing things you should know. The retail industry is projected to be worth 30 trillion U.S dollars at the end of 2023 which means the industry is large and probably saturated and in other to get the best out of this crowded market, you need to be at your best. In this post, I will be sharing some rules and facts that will help generate more sales in your retail outlet. These rules are the very basics that can’t be overlooked in a retail business. Let the journey begins;


First Impression Last Long

You only got a first time for a first impression, anything thing after the first is either a consolation or a continuation. If you have a retail store, you need to make a very impressive first impression for your customers which often starts with the store environment. Never let your customers meet a dirty store as cleanliness is important in a business environment. Trash cans are not attractive, they do not promote selling but instead they take up valuable display space. Still on the store environment, always keep your paints and greenery fresh, lights bright and a minimum signage outside. Nobody likes a clumsy environment and keeping everything outside the store adds to the first impression a customer gets.

Still on the first impression, always make sure your store or retail business has the right scents. For instance, the aroma of a fresh pop-corn in a movie theater or cinema will make people spend additional cash buying pop-corn and soda.

Also, never forget the smile, it is part of your first impression. If you are going to keep your customers coming then you have to learn to keep the smile always. Never let your customers see you looking dull because it immediately changes their countenance. Your first impression is what makes your customers come in to your business outlet.


Keep services and product fresh

Never allow a customer say “Hi” first, never let your customer catch you unguarded. Always keep your services and product fresh. In the case of products, always make sure they are arranged properly and look attractive for customers to always want them. A roughly arranged product gives a negative impression to customers and this impression remain for a very long time. Never sell what you will not buy, it is the best way to keep your product fresh.

Avoid the Decimal in Pricing

For retail supermarkets and grocery stores, never bother customers with decimals with the intention of giving them a low price. A lot of customers prefer a whole number while buying goods, they do not want to bother their head with calculations of what $3.76 + 2.63 is rather, they prefer to buy at $4 and $3 respectively.

Have a good Customer Relation

Customer relation is basic way of keeping customers and bringing them. One way to get close to your customers is allowing them know your name and in other to do that, a simple name tag will help. The name tags should mostly be first name only and boldly written. Always ask your customers how their day is going with a smile, you can always ask if there is any way you can be of help to them also never forget to thank them for shopping with you. Always make them feel comfortable within your business environment, this will always make them come back to experience the same reception.

Success in your retail business is based on how well you interact with customers. Nobody comes back to a place where they were displeased. Your customer is your business and not your product, having the customers at heart means keeping the products and services on check. If you are planning to start your own retail business, never forget to take this basics into consideration.

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Another interesting morning read. Resteemed and upvoted already :)

Thanks for the support project.hope

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Also, to keep your customers, you have to fulfil your promise and deliver what you stated on your value proposition statement.

You cannot promise A and then deliver'B'

You are absolutely correct @tomlee, thanks for this lovely addition.

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I can absolutely relate with this post, great share.

Thanks @oluwatobi

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You reminded me of that of the decimals, it was an old twentieth-century sales trick, it happens that they had found that the buyers who had studied in North American markets tended to consider that a price of $ 9.99 was an offer when it was a product of $ 10, so it became fashionable to place decimal prices to manipulate the minds of buyers. At least it's what I remember an old teacher told me :)

I like the story though, thanks for sharing.

If only entrepreneurs will realize how important their smile is and always carry it along, it will save them a lot.

Yes it will, thanks for the comment @futurekr.

This is going to be a very interesting topic as consumers become empowered through blockchain. It's only a matter of time before students begin to see themselves as influencers of supply chains.