What do we need to know to get started in the world of cryptocurrencys?

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Many people often ask me what they need to know or learn in order to be initiated into the world of cryptomontages. Answering this question is easy, and at the same time it is not. To explain myself a little better, it is easy to answer it, because, just by saying the most important aspects or some tools needed to do so, it would be enough, however, it is not so simple because my nature to impart knowledge would not let me comment only there, I would have to explain in detail, what is the essence and why to use these cryptoactives, so the person or persons worth the redundancy are much clearer than they really are and what they are for.

For this reason I have decided to create a kind of section in my blog related to various topics that may arise from the same users about the Blockchain, cryptomonies and any other topic that relates to this technological world that I am passionate about, of course I can not leave aside the trading, so I can also publish about this.

How does the dynamic work?

The objective is clearly to educate, so this will be very simple, I will be publishing many basic concepts and answering the most common doubts that may arise in the topics discussed above weekly, so I can publish more regularly on various topics that I think I can help users.

On the other hand, it also occurs to me that the community can choose the topic of the week, leaving me in the comments the one that more they wish that it clarifies them or also it could make a post with about 3 options so that all choose, after finishing the voting I will publish on that topic, clarifying all the possible doubts and interacting with you by means of the comments.

This is a pilot test, so even if I don't have enough interactions I will continue to publish on many topics as I always have, so all those who can, want to educate themselves a little more.

Without further ado, I'll start with today's topic...

Get started in the world of cryptomontages

1.) Recently there has been a lot of discussion about cryptology in various media. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of cryptology, and how would we benefit from having it?

Crypto currencies for me represent the future, fiat money is part of the past, in my opinion Crypto currencies is people's money, since it empowers people, it is not necessary that a central entity or government controls our funds for us, since one of the main advantages of them, is that most of them have a deflationary characteristic, this is because they are finite assets with a number of printers already established thanks to the Blockchain, that is, after we reach that limit, no more coins can be printed, which is not the case with Fiat money.

With respect to its disadvantages I would say that volatility, since, being a very young market, small and inexperienced investors could suffer great losses because they do not know how to manage the risks involved in such investments, whales with large amounts despite stealthily entering the market, can easily generate high volatility and this is where we must know how to manage risk and protect ourselves.

2.) Considering that the crypto ecosystem is complex and based on continuous learning, what would be the recommendations for education and constant knowledge for users who are just starting out, and others who take time?

This world moves very fast, especially the crypto coin world, because it is based on a type of technology, which is called "Blockchain" and in this the most expert developers and creators of excellent projects, are always innovating and advancing, so my recommendation is to be self-taught, read a lot, be documented, there are very good books for the initiated in crypto coin and blockchain.

So in this way stay active, reading the best online newspapers of your preference such as Cointelegraph, they have excellent information and concepts that will help you continue learning regardless of the level of knowledge you have.

3.) What are the best alternatives to promote the monetization of the Cryptosystems in a more global way?

Little by little, crypto currencies have been taking a really impressive ground in the whole economic system, since in countries like "Venezuela", in order to protect their assets against hyperinflation, they have had to resort to crypto currencies as a means of refuge and safeguard of value, In turn, they are also used for speculation in order to obtain profitability with the purchase or sale, in this sense, educating the greatest number of people possible, by any means available, either online or in person, are a very viable alternative for everyone to begin to monetize once and for all with cryptomoney.

Another very interesting alternative would be to establish once and for all salaries in cryptographic assets in as many establishments and companies as possible. Of course and not less important is to use them as a means of payment, which also exists and we see a lot today, so we must continue to encourage this, that people are educated and learn how to use their digital assets, to pay for products and / or services, in order to generate greater adoption over time.

4.) Security is one of the most important areas within the ecosystem. What aspects can we take into consideration and how can we prevent and identify possible scams?

Scams are everywhere in the cryptographic world, so they take advantage of people who don't have much knowledge in order to take away their funds completely, so in my opinion to prevent scams and the best I can recommend to secure your cryptoactives is the following:

  • To know that in order to really own the crypto currencies we must have them in our custody, for example, in a Ledger or a Wallet like Exodus and keep our secret keys safe, written down in a secure place, outside of what is the internet preferably to be free of computer attacks or Phishing.

  • Take into account the security factors of our computer: Antivirus updated, make cleaning often, change passwords often, use different passwords for everything, use the safest browser today that is BRAVE

  • If you use an exchange, be very careful which one you trust, as of today there are few that I trust, in my experience and one that I trust a lot is Binance

With regard to detecting fraud, take into account the following parameters:

  • See if the project (either currency or platform) that we are going to invest is a real project, investigate it thoroughly.

  • Be wary of high returns and promises of fixed percentages in such a volatile market.

  • Don't hand over our Bitcoins to someone else to manage.

  • Be aware of possible pyramids or ponzi schemes, where the only profit is only by bringing people into a business, there must be a real product which you can earn without these practices.

  • Be careful with the phishing, make sure we're getting on an official platform.

  • If we are going to buy a Kryptomoney and we want to support the project, we must investigate it well before, many projects have been fraudulent just to steal people's money like "Bitconnect" among many others.


With this last answer I have finished with this publication referring to the topic I decided to explain called "Get started in the world of crypto currencies", I hope I have clarified many doubts regarding how to start in this world of digital currencies, a dedicated information for all kinds of people, whether or not they have experience and want to know the most relevant aspects of cryptoactives.

Don't forget to leave me your comments about what you thought of this dynamic and if of course you have any topic you would like me to explain, this way I can interact with you and know that the information is coming, my goal is to help and generate much more adoption in the Blockchain and cryptomonics. If you have doubts you can also join the @erarium project server where I can help you and clarify your doubts in a more direct way through Discord.

I am Co-founder of the @erarium project, in this community we offer training processes in trading, finance and economic management. Consider joining our official Discord by clicking HERE.

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