I Finally Turned 65 👴 On Hive - Future's So Bright, Gotta Wear 🕶️

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It seemed like this day would never come, but I've finally turned 65 on Hive, rep score that is. Thanks to you Hivers! 🙏

🛣️ It's Been A Long Road 🏎️

     It was August 8th, 2019, when I made my first #introduceyourself post on this blockchain which was known as Steemit at the time. The learning curve was so frustrating at the time, and I almost quit altogether multiple times.

     Unimpeded by the SEO requirements I follow on various Wordpress websites, the Hive has now become the place where I post in a more "real" style if that makes any sense at all.

     I don't worry too much about being PC on Hive, and have enjoyed the freedom to post about various experimental subjects I haven't yet posted about on Wordpress. "Y'all Hive dawgs really do keep it real!"

     So, with elections tomorrow here in Suriname, the day that has affected so much of our lives will soon be over. We've been here nearly a year, but have been trapped here against our will for over 3 months.

     The pre-corona economic collapse has brought us so much hardship in a country that was already relatively expensive for our Cambodian savings.

     With the closure of the US Embassy months ago, and closed Suriname borders, we are really beginning to feel like castaways. But just last month our Hive earnings began to equal the amount of life savings we spend, so we are now sleeping a bit easier at night.

🕶️ The Future's So Bright 🌞

     On a more positive, yes indeed, the future is somehow bright, I must say. It seems like I've been at it forever, producing content, engaging, onboarding friends and more. It wasn't long ago I thought I'd never reach 500 SP when this was a one-horse town (Steemit).

     I've onboarded a total of 5 people, 2 of them family members, but I am still proud of my achievements regardless. Just as I write this post, both @KidSisters and @Sreypov are reaching the $100 mark with their account values, another big milestone.

     So, I hope this journey isn't over, I hope to reach doplphin status (10,000HP) and 70 rep by the end of 2020, an ambitious goal I may not achieve, but it's still good to have some goals.

     Well, not much left to do now except smoke my celebratory spliff and relax on this Sunday in Paramaribo. Tomorrow elections are held, and no one can guess how this will go. One thing is for sure, we are stocking up on supplies in case of extended instability.


     We don't want any part of politics, just to be left alone because we don't have a dog in this fight. You can feel the tension in the air, almost every other car and house has political flags flying right now. See you on the other sider Hivers.


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I’m using esteem from a week now and I just realised that these numbers means something😅 When I started read your post I was like “Holly shit, he is smoking weed at 65 years old ( in US it’s not a unusual think but in country Bulgaria it is ). Can you tell me where can I fid information about these. I wish you to complete those 70 :)

Funny, I thought people might not fully understand what I meant when I said 65, but thanks for clicking and coming inside. Well, I see you are at 49, so your growth to 60 will happen quite fast if you post somewhat frequently. From 60 to 65 seemed to take ages, and I imagine 65 to 70 will be even slower.

I'll give you a follow to see how your journey goes. Feel free to ask any questions. I'm no Hive expert, but glad to assist you in any way. eSteem is goof for commenting and interacting with other's posts, but I don't use it to create my posts as I feel the editor still needs some work.

Take care @lyubo19! Have a !BEER


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It's been a long time coming. A long way you've gone. Congratulations for reaching that milestone "65". Now you are looking forward to "66".
Indeed the future is bright!
Hive on👍🤒

Yes indeed @maxwellmarcusart, give thanks and see you at 70 hopefully.