Which one i prefer to check my token information between HiveEngine and HiveStat? Why?

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Title of The Video: Which one I prefer between Leostat and HiveEngine for getting the real picture of my portfolio

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In any platform or wallet, we basically want to know the real picture of our tokens or in other word, we like to see the details info of our portfolio at a glance. Here, there are two options available.
HiveEngine and HiveStat. Hive engine is one of the best exchanges I must say. But what shortage I get is the total amount of my token’s data. That is not possible here at a glance. I need to multiply the unit price with the staked, unstaked, pendning balance with unit price. And its need to be done for each and every token.
On the other hand, though HiveStat is not a exchange site, rather a statistical site but I can see the real picture of my token data. It’s a complete statistic that I like most. At a glance, I can check the current position of my token very easily. That’s great to me. That’s why to see the Hive blockchain bases token data, Hivestat is my preference.
Check the video to know details.

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