Age Of Abundance: Cryptocurrency Attacking Societal Issues With Innovation

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Society has a number of problems. One of the largest might be the extreme income and wealth inequality that arose over the past few decades. Many have discussed this as well as trying to offer ways that governments can solve the issue.

In this video I discuss a couple projects that are using cryptocurrency to address these problems. What is interesting is they are doing it without turning to government.

Here is the link to the article mentioned in the video:

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It’s funny watching politicians use the same tactics of borrow, spend , tax, believing that this methodology is sustainable. As you know it’s not. I hope people begin to realize that these individuals will not save us. We the people will have to save ourselves. Blockchain will provide the solution. Open minds will be required though. :)

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extreme income and wealth inequality is truly the major problem that is affecting our society and something needs to be urgently done to stop that trend......i totally agree with your opinion @taskmaster4450

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i am glad that the cryptocurrency is here to solve these problems and its enough to be excited....

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I think the wealth inequality gap is going to get much worse in the coming years unless major changes are made.

On another note, it has made me sick watching these politicians bicker off more stimulus that will literally put food on the plates of people that they forced to shut down in the first place. They are acting like they are bailing people out but it was the government that shut them down in the first place! That's hardly charity... They should have had more stimulus done yesterday and it should have gone more to individuals than it has thus far.