LEO Listed On New Exchange: The Reach Of Hive Is Expanding Slowly

in hive-181335 •  19 days ago 

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The LEO token was listed on a new exchange. While this is not Earth shattering, it does show the reach of Hive is moving out little by little.

In this video I discuss how this move shows the incremental growth of Hive and how all applications increase the totality of it all.

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Bought a few after watching this😂

just uvpted you 40+ KANDA and some leo

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

Awesome! Thanks @ackza !

The video does not work for me

Posted Using LeoFinance

Works for me. Did you try to play it in the Leofinance front end?

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Working fine for me in Peakd too.

now everything works.

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It is about time invest in Leo

Hah nice how much to get KANDA listed? You xan list LEO on @tipcc for $100 and also you can get on alcor now if u make eos leo ...and theyll have erc20 gateway for eth leo ... also u can make NFTs on alcor for eos leo or LEOS

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp