DailyPetPhotography submissions Day 822

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Today's first pick is as follow:
【Top 1】

@justasking - A portrait of quarantine cats Thunder ...read more

【The other five pick up】

@iamraincrystal - The best news we got this week is that our missing cat, Miny, finally found his way home ...read more

@grapthar - I didn't get any wild action shots, nor any group photos, today, but Blaze did give me some poses in unique places, so that was nice ...read more

@olivia08 - Keep safe animal lovers! Don't leave your pet unattended because of the virus ...read more

@redheadpei - The temperature is above freezing but Hubby started a fire early this morning and the cats are happy to have the extra warmth ...read more

@ace108 - Came back home on Friday night and this cat was blocking the way to the lift lobby ...read more

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@justasking, Thunder reminds me so much of @owasco's Freddy!!! I'm smitten with the fuzzy gray fuzzballs and their high cheekbones, lean panther-like jawline, and a paradoxical look of feral and sweet. I was so obsessed trying to capture Freddy in paint (acrylic on wood slices: NOT for the amateur!), I will never confess how many hours of my quarantine I devoted to trying, revising, trying again, but never getting it right. Thunder is AWESOME. (No. Never again will I try to capture cute fuzzy grays on canvas.)

@redheadpei, I love your golden Maine Coon, and @grapthar, Blaze as always reigns supreme!


Thunder looks exactly like my Freddy! Maybe a tad older and wiser. Is grey harder to render than other colors? Is it that there are fewer markings? Great cat post!

Why is there no reblog option for me?

Hi Carol. Neat capture of handsome Freddy on the wood. He seems to like modelling.

Thanks for the mention of my Red. The Maine coons are great pets but like to boss me around. LoL. Red is the second one I’ve had. I had a beautiful dark fur one that came to my house and never left until he died unexpectedly bout five yrs. later.

Thank you @carolkean. I have to say you made great artwork, honestly :)

Awww, you're waaay too kind. I hope there is something bright, colorful, fun, and ok, not planned, but kinda comic-book style going on here. I don't achieve what I set out to do, but if anyone likes the results, I can stop feeling demoralized. :) Thanks!

Stop feeling demoralized right away, because you really have a lot of talent if you ask me :)

Thank you! I either have to master the skill to do what I set out to do, or I have to embrace what "is" - however unintended the result.

Well then, your result of this one, is unintendedly great :)

Have I mentioned I LOVE YOU @justasking? :) Thank you!!

Thank you @carolkean, you made my day with this :) I love you too :)

Nice capture~

Thanks @dpet and congrats to all the authors of the pet post. I’m happy to be included. 😊 🐱

Most welcome, congrat. to all~

Wow, thank you @dpet and everyone :) Congratulations everyone, great photos :)

My pleasure~