Max the new in the family

in hive-181573 •  2 months ago  (edited)

This is the new max family member that happened two weeks ago, When our family arrived, his ex-owner was not able to be with him, so he asked us if we wanted to be with him.
At the moment, the already have updated vaccines will be small breed as my vet says.
It has extremely thick legs, but it is a small breed.
Don't imagine how hard it was to take pictures of him :) I hope you like it

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He is so adorable! I love my dogs, we have 5 total.

aw, so cute. I love puppies big feet and ears, so silly looking.

He looks sad... If got an idea how hard it is mine keep jumping. I cannot are it's feet but even that says nothing.

Hey, nice to meet you.
I followed and upvoted you.
And you?

Really very cute

So cute!