First Axie cashout went so bad

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I am playing Axie infinity for the past couple of weeks now and i never cashed out my SLP until now. I was waiting for the SLP price to get stable a bit but it keeps going down and down. I don't even have words to describe this shit anymore. I was keeping my SLP safe in my ronin wallet and I was waiting for the right time to withdraw. But my one friend who helped me in donating gitcoin projects asked for the ETH he gave me to donate to those projects. I have been pending his request all this while because I was waiting for the right time. I am so damn lazy could have purchased some eth on Binance and send him but naw I wanted to trade SLP with eth ehh why am I so stubborn? Well, my stubbornness cost me a heavy ETH gas fee. I have so much bad experience with my first withdrawal I decided to make a post on this.

So when my friend asked for his eth again i didn't want him to wait more I went to withdrawal my SLP. I had 78$ worth of eth in my Metamask. I had a total of 7k SLP and I initiated 3k SLP withdrawal. Unfortunately, gas fees were so high that I got an insufficient balance issue. Since it was my first experience I didn't know my 3k SLP are already pending. What I did? i tried to withdraw 2k SLP 😂 I am so dumb I didn't know the withdrawal fee would be the same lolz anyways now my 5k SLP got stuck and I was pained. Well, I paid my friend by purchasing some eth from Binance. And I sent some to my eth wallet so I could withdrawal my stuck SLP. Gas fees were so insane that even 100$ gas fee wasn't enough to withdrawal. I left my stuck SLP pending. I started checking Axie. live website for a gas fee but gas fee remained the same insane :/.

Now the real pain i felt when Binance announced that they have integrated ronin wallet and now all Axie players can withdraw their SLP without paying any gas fee. I felt heartbroken but it is what it is. All my wait for the right time went to hell. Well, I wanted to get rid of this pending withdrawal shit asap so I sent my remaining SLP to Binance converted them into eth and then sent that eth to my metamask and then i claimed.

It cost me almost 180$ worth of gas fee 😥. So the moral of this sad story is just to pay 100$ of eth debt I wasted 180$. I know how hard it was to earn those SLP and when they went into the trash it really hurts

My next claim is available so I am going to claim my SLP and going to use Binance. Let me show the process in case if you don't know :P XD


I had 1425 claimable SLP. I claimed them and transferred them to Binance. It took only a few seconds and already got my SLP in my Binance wallet.

Just go to Binance wallet search SLP click on deposit. The deposit address you will get please replace 0x with ronin: and that's it. So easy and free. thank you Binance. You saved me otherwise these insane gas fees would have killed me :P XD