WORKERBEE and BEE update

11 days ago
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Just now I submitted a custom json to enable a mining pool for BEE from WORKERBEE.

{ "id": "ssc-mainnet-hive", "json": { "contractName": "mining", "contractAction": "createPool", "contractPayload": { "lotteryWinners": 10, "lotteryIntervalHours": 1, "lotteryAmount": "10", "minedToken": "BEE", "tokenMiners": [ { "symbol": "WORKERBEE", "multiplier": 1} ] } } }

This is an important step from moving off of scotbot for the miner and instead to the mining smart contract that @eonwarped recently made live.

That said, BEE is special as it's issuance is determined not by the @hive-engine account but it's part of the contract and issued by @null. So, we'll have to do additional work before this is made live, but wanted to clarify what you're seeing and what we're doing.

WORKERBEE distribution of BEE will be trustless and handled by the smart contract.