Post HF 24 Ramble

12 days ago
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Well it seems that things are mostly working - thank you to all who have been working on advancing the Hive blockchain these past few months.

Somewhere in Valencia, Spain

I remember reading that the old steemit accounts stake would be dripped into the DHF following HF24. I don't see any evidence of that happening just yet, but the fund is nicely stocked - ready for a team of awesome devs to appear and produce something to send us into orbit.


Still running at a quarter budget, and that is presumably excluding the 70 odd million HIVE being moved into the DHF over the coming years.

Hive-Engine looks to be almost done with it's update. I noticed we went back 5 days or so, where I had around 5k of LEO for sale, but they have all disappeared now and things look to be close to where we left off.


I had read that was going to need a major upgrade in order to function again following the fork, but that looks to have been sorted sharpish as some autos are landing. I was actually looking forward to some time without this working, it's much more relaxing to post when not thinking 'is this worth the autos that usually hit my posts'.

Comments and votes are working but don't look that way when submitted. A refresh or two later though and there they are, and I guess this will be sorted soon enough.

Splinterlands didn't seem to be affected much, and I completely my last daily quest of the current season earlier today. It's been a while since I lucked out on a decent card though - maybe this time.

Previously I was hitting Champion 1 with days to spare, but the last couple of seasons have proved much harder. Though considering my investment, I'll take this.


I've recently got more involved in delegating stake, and these are the latest arrangements.


It's interesting to see the returns for delegating a very similar amount to ocdb, curangel, leo.voter, and emrebeyler - via dlease. The first two were made with less consideration for rewards, and it does look like the return is less. However, I don't visit many new authors (presuming we have them?!) at present, and so delegating stake to curangel and ocdb is some way to repent.

The leofinance tribe had a bit of a nightmare recently with wLEO, and I guess the delegation there (although it pays) is a way to support the tribe while wounds are healing. I think what folks need to remember is that the token was sub .1 HIVE just a few months ago, and so even after the recent fall from almost 2 HIVE per LEO, things are still very positive. I'm waiting to see if they advertise on Brave - something which I heard the boss man mention in a round-table a week or so ago.

I'm still a little disappointed that the proposal (by roomservice I think) to advertise Hive on Brave didn't get any support - I think they were asking for the equivalent of a day and a half of the DHF budget - worth a go in my opinion.

It's strange to think back to my Steem account this time last year - I had less than 15k SP. A year on and my Hive account has just over 120k. So yeah, I've been buying Hive and selling other crap (STEEM/BLURT) and I'm still forever hopeful that this tech will worth more than current valuation in the future. Ideally, I'd like that to be somewhere around next Autumn, where I hope to have enough saved to stick a deposit on a house somewhere.

Where that house will be I do not know, but I hope it isn't the UK. I really don't fancy living under a cloud for the rest of my days, and find what folks like @revisesociology are doing (heading south!) inspiring. Along with aprendiendo Español and the keyboard, I'm focused on realising this dream, and maybe Hive can help...

Have a good one,