Hive is just around the corner!

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The future is coming


Have you heard of Hive yet? It is a new blockchain being launched this weekend. The official release was announced yesterday here in this post titled Announcing the Launch of Hive Blockchain.

Hive's creation has been underway by some of the most talented members of our community. It is a collaborative effort of some of the larger stake holders of the Steem community, developers, key community members and others, that have been identifying some of the short comings in the Steem Blockchain and finding ways to eliminate those problems as we move forward.

The new Site


You will be able to access your Hive account and blog on using your current Steem credentials. On Friday March 20th, the Hive Blockchain will go live and there will be a snap shot created of all of your Steem, SBD, and SP, and it will be converted to HIVE, HBD, and HP. Moving forward from there, all you do on the Steem Blockchain and the Hive Blockchain will be separate from each other, for instance, if you post to the Hive Blockchain, it will not show up on the Steem Blockchain and vice versa.

Exciting Times Ahead


We have some pretty exciting times ahead coming in the next few days. I am looking forward to this weekend as Hive launches. The goal of Hive is to have a truly decentralized blockchain built by the community.

I hope to see you there!

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It is very exciting to see what is happening.

I wonder how long it will take for the DApps that are switching over to do so.

Good times ahead.

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I think it will be an easy switch for a lot of them and most will make the switch pretty quickly since most of the community seems like they are going to be making their way to Hive.

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!

Hey,@derangedvisions, you still in contact with @kaliju? Maybe after the fork would be a good time to revisit the @dstores idea!? Maybe the SECOND most hated Asian on steem won't screw it up for everybody this time. 😂

That was a seriously awesome project though! I ain't gonna lie, I'm still mad.


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Looks like quite a few dApps are already committed to moving over to the new chain and it’s a buzz! This hive is alive with possiblity, I just hope we finally get back on track and start finishing the roadmap as intended

Looking forward to using Hive :)

Exciting times indeed :)
See you there!!!

Not sure how everything is going to work but I'm extremely excited!

I´m excited as well and will definitely switch over to hive. But I´m also excited to see what happens to steemit after that.

Not sure to dump steem after that or better keep it?! 🤔

Expectations are high.
I laughed a lot at your fuckjustinsun label

CU there 😉😂🎉🎈