RE: Hive ads and Hive marketing. Proposal for ads on or funding for hive marketing initiatives.

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Overall, I think it's a good idea. Marketing, what's that? lol

This post got me looking at the HIVEUSD pair on bittrex. Average volume at these prices is about 1800 USD in trading per day. That's surprisingly low. A few hundred bucks a day might actually move the needle.


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It really wouldn't take much to get it moving at these prices and this would only be a starting point. As we have seen with @financeleo, if you continue to build on the revenue it will continue to grow. Imagine putting a $5k buy onto bittrex and see if the needle jumps.

We have need marketing for a long time but we were never really ready to onboard users. With some of the developments brought out since the jump and a few on the way. We really need to get some started. People aren't just going to find hive by themselves.

We need to go out and get them. Lots of places to do it but a higher token price and marketing fund would be a big help.


At its peak, steemit reached an Alexa ranking of 495 or something. Price itself is marketing

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It's a self fulfilling cycle. If you get the price higher you will get more users and more investors. To get a higher price you need more users and investors.

The trick is to break the negative cycle of people leaving and selling and get the positive one started. Raise the price by a few cents and some people will come back people will start buying. They will all add to the ranking and value of the site in analytics.

This will raise the price further and add to the ad revenue and external interest in the token. It's all about getting into a positive place and like you said, when steem was pushing over $5 there were so many people posting to earn that the site shot up to top 500 in the world. It's just a matter of how we can get there.


Hmm, this makes me think that hive should license the Splinterlands or soon-to-be LeoInfra tech of getting people onboard through other wallets and social platforms.

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