The Only HODLER Pro wallet will be still developed and supported.

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At the turn of 2019/2020, we had to make some decisions that are very important for the project and that answer many questions. I would like to inform you about a few things:
From 2020, only HODLER Pro wallet will be developed ( This is the commercial version of our software, which includes a secure operating system for Samsung J320FN phones and a wallet application that supports BTC, BCH, LTC, BSV, NANO, DGB, RVN, ETH along with ERC20 tokens. The wallet can be purchased with or without the Samsung device, the price of the software is $ 69 with the price in the set with the equipment is $ 359

Justification: This is our only commercial product that we would like to keep indefinitely. We think that despite the fact that it has not become very popular, it is needed on the market. It is the only open source solution in the world that gives the opportunity to build a secure platform on secure equipment and use it for daily payments and secure storage of larger amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Free wallets software will no longer be publicly developed. For the purposes of internal testing, we will build an application for Android systems. All subsequent functionalities, including the new front-end, will only appear in HODLER Pro. This does not mean that the free wallets will stop working, because in the last update we connected them to the decentralized network of ElectrumX servers (coins BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC). Problems can only arise with DGB and RVN coins - we recommend transferring them to other wallets because they do not have their own network of ElectrumX servers, they must also be supported by our infrastructure. NANO will be served by our infrastructure, but it is so efficient and cheap to support that it will continue to operate.

Justification: The free versions of the wallet did not give us any benefits we expected. It was not possible thanks to them, to create a commercial channel based on paid coin listing in the wallet, did not reduce the amount of work involved in testing the program, did not become a promotional platform for the commercial wallet HODLER Pro.
Instead of helping us develop HODLER Pro (our original idea), it has become a huge financial and organizational burden for us. The load on the infrastructure shared with HODLER Pro by free users meant that our main product suffered and the costs of duplication of infrastructure were too high in relation to the benefits of this step. In addition, we received a lot of reports about problems with free versions, in connection with the different platforms on which it was used (Windows 7, 8, 10, Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and various Linux distributions). We could adapt to particular platforms effectively if the free wallet would give us benefits that would offset the costs associated with it. For the good of the main product, we had to decide to stop supporting them and further develop.

Important: Remember that even after the end of support for free applications, they will still work, and there will always be the possibility of sending funds from them, because all previous versions of the application on Windows and Android will still be in our GitHub repository, along with their source code : The repository was downloaded by many people cloned and is available in many places.

We would like to apologize to everyone who expected that we would continue to develop free applications, this decision did not come easily to us, but due to the exhaustion of the project budget after 2 years of very intensive work on it, we had to take it. The project has not proved to be profitable, so we need to limit our ambitions and develop what we think is needed on the market, i.e. our HODLER Pro wallet.

Technical support for HODLER Pro, thanks to terminate support of the free aps, will be provided at the highest level again.

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