Taiwan will donate 10 million pieces of masks. Chinese netizens: write "donated by China" on all donations

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(1 Apr) Taiwan prepared their pandemic prevention materials in advance and will donate 10 million pieces of masks to countries with severe pandemic outbreak. Moreover, many countries would like to cooperate with Taiwan. Taiwan is currently cooperating with the United States and the Czech Republic, and also exchanging pandemic prevention materials with the United States and Australia. In addition, Taiwan will also provide assistance to countries with diplomatic relationships to obtain medical supplies through local purchase.

Tsai Ing-wen emphasized that Taiwan must not stand on the side and is ready to provide assistance to the international community in three aspects: masks, drugs and technology. The premise for such cooperation is that Taiwan has "strong power" and the government has the "capacity" and willing to fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the international community. "To show everyone that not only Taiwan can help but Taiwan is helping."

This news was reposted on Weibo and many Chinese netizens commented that "donation is made by China Taiwan anyways", "all donations are made by China", "should comment "from China Taiwan" on all tweets about Taiwan donating to any country", "International: thanks China", "agree Taiwan province to provide foreign aid", "these are China Taiwan (donation), of course donation from China and can donate as much as we want", "all credits go to China".

Source: Stand News, Setn

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Governments get in the way of great peoples getting along!

I'm not a big fan of commies, if you could not tell 🤣
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