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Keep3rV1 (KP3R) Is Breaking Out Every Triangle One After Another

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9th Red Weekly Successive Candle Coming in Bitcoin Price Chart?

Bitcoin made lots of surprise in 2022. Nobody expected that Bitcoin would have 8 red weekly successive candle in price chart. 6 red candle…

Crypto VC Thoughts: New Type of Stablecoin

Due to the recent crash of Luna, people wonder what we can do to make a better stablecoin? How about finding something that is very…

Could Bears Be Tired?

Crypto market lost about 40% compared to last month, and about 55% in approximately 6 and a half months. The bears' pressure has caused…

Meaning of being a crypto whale

A crypto whale is a term that we commonly hear when we are immersed in the field of cryptocurrencies, but... What is a crypto whale…


We are living in a macro context that has already deteriorated considerably (inflation, energy and food crisis, threat of a great war)…

SPS Recovered Luna Crash Loss Thanks to Coming License Presale

SPS Price went up above 0.10 USD again. This level was to solid support for SPS price. Due to Luna Crash, SPS price went down to 0.05 USD…

Crypto VC Thoughts: Defense Crypto Investment Methods

Crypto investment is very risky because you have no control over its development and do not have enough information to determine its

Crypto VC Thoughts: Debunk Bitcoin Myths

Bitcoin isn't the best asset class 🥇 in the world. However, it is a hope that people uphold to yet to prove if it will become true 🤨.…

Dogecoin - Inside the Wolfsschanze

With the recent collapse of Luna and the accelerating loss of confidence in Tether, there is opening up some space in the top 10…

It is First Time 8 Red Weekly Successive Candles in Bitcoin Price Chart

Impossible is nothing. How many people could guess that There would be 8 red weekly successive candles in Bitcoin price chart? Bitcoin…

Why Do I Love Both the Bear Market and the Bull Market?

Recently, we have seen a visible struggle between buyers and sellers in the crypto market. Also, some cryptocurrencies and stablecoins are…

2% of Total Supply of SPS will Be Burned 🔥 by Validator License Presale

In a few days later, 2% of Total Supply of SPS will Be Burned by Validator License Presale.. It is very bullish trigger for SPS price and…

Crypto VC Thoughts: The Death of Terra

If you witnessed how the Terra collapsed, it would be similar to any Defi projects. So it is unsustainable if you really take a deep look…

How I see This Bear Market Playing Out - Key Levels To Watch

Best To Zoom Out I know that many are rather optimistic and believe that BTC bottomed at $25K and is now busy making a comeback. Even…

(Un)Stable Coins - Under Pressure

The latest speculations are that the BTC reserves were not used by Terra to maintain the peg but were in fact sent to a cold wallet is the…

Crypto VC Thoughts: Credit Oceans

Inflation is hot 🔥~ It burns everywhere. The decade cheap money policy has creat

Hive Price is on Resistance - Needs to Break Up

Hive Price is on resistance as lots of crypto in market. As you can see RSI Indicator of Hive, There is great resistance touched 4 times…

Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) Increases Almost 9% In 8 Days. Why Is It Increasing?

Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) is increasing in May, when the crypto markets fell sharply, currently BTC.D is moving towards October 2021…

Hive Current Value And Downtrend

Hello to everyone. It's been 9 days since I created content about the situation in the Hive price. The downtrend seems to have stopped.…