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Bitcoin To $40k On Amazon Rumors!

Someone is buying the rumor because bitcoin is pumping hard, hopefully putting some much needed pep in the step of holders everywhere.…

TIB: Today I Bought (and Sold) - An Investors Journal #550 - HR Services, Airlines, Solar Power, Oil Services, Shipping, US Automotive, Specialty Chemicals, Australia, Altcoins

A selloff Monday makes for a good time to do some bottom fishing and a busy week setting up income trades - a change in tactic will extend…

Mini "altseason" = Market exhaution?

It's like we woke up from a nightmare, isn't it? It seems that the market is showing clear signs of staying bullish although it is still…

Trend Change or Bitcoin Correction?

Source   The price of Bitcoin has generated some doubts in many people, who make analysis about the


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🎥 Обзор Криптовалютного Рынкa | 26.07.2021

Здравствуйте, дорогие зрители! В этом видео я проанализировал ценовой график Биткойна (BTC/USD), используя технический и свечной анализ…

🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 26.07.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I analyzed in detail the price chart of Bitcoin (BTC/USD), by using Technical and…

What will be your biggest achievement in your life with the help of POB?


Is something wrong with Andrei Jikh's crypto portfolio?

Crypto and stock trading are parallels that have existed in their sphere. The distinction between both exists for a multitude of reasons…

Bitcoin Riparte Grazie ad Amazon!

Ciao Amici!

Up Only?!

I honestly wouldn't want to be as near as 100 meters away from a Bitcoin shorter right now. This thing(Bitcoin) has simply exploded the…

The Homeowner Dream VS The Crypto Dream

The White Picket Fence & The American Dream No matter where in the world you choose to look, you will find the majority of the…

Bitcoin is close to breaking out of the 30k area

When you find your notification bar is full and when you find the news everywhere you open Coinmarkecap to find the market is decorated in…

Criminal Probe opened On Tether! Hoping to open a discussion below. Anyone hearing anything more?

I have friends in space who hate tether and think it’s fraudulent and I have friends who say it’s hit jobs wrongfully done. I really don

3,000 $ Coming For Ethereum If Market Ready To Go On Mega Run

The market is ethereum you can see the price for ethereum go higher. we played the strengthen to the market for ethereum and so far we saw…

Back in Game 40k BTC

yo it looks like we are back in Game. Greed and Fomo will follow. But we are early :) You sold like mister paper Hands? ![](

Bitcoin Bears Just Got Trapped But For How long

We are all excited about the bullish price bitcoin saw few hours ago. Bitcoin got more than a 20% price increase which was great because…

BMR for 26th July 2021 - Monday! UP UP UP UP

It is Monday! Nuff Said! lol Hive: $0.3247 up 6.00% SWEET Bitcoin: $38,129.99 up 10.36% OMG CUB: $0.6556 up 0.03% Chia: $194.49 up…


Estoy siguiendo la evolucion del precio en este grafico de 5min. Podria haber completado ya la que seria onda 4 o podria hacerlo en…

Reversal Confirmed: Amazon Insider Leaks Plans.

8 hours ago: It's hard to believe we can break $35k on such piss-poor volume, but hey you never know what's gon