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CBDC In Nigeria, Finally here to its failure

I was, initially, going to write about the steps forward on the roll outs of CBDCs in Nigeria some days back, then I figured it'd be more…

My country's inflation rising and cryptos saving me

A sad reality that at the same time a certain "happiness". Sad about the question of where my country is going, and happy about my growth…

Halving: What it is and what influence does it have on Bitcoin

When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, his intent was to produce the first scarce, finite and non-duplicable digital good in the history…

Why Crypto? Legacy System Turmoil

In any confidence game players must have a certain belief in the game itself. Otherwise the game itself is no longer relevant. The legacy…

Building BBH for 25 October 2021

As Hive is having a little pump. I thought I would give another little update on BBH. Top 4 ![Screenshot_20211025-185913_Firef

Are the Bitcoin ETFs a curse or a blessing?

Deutsch/English Nachteile Bitcoin ETF sind kompliziert ( schwer zu durchschauen) mit Bitcoin Future ETF lassen sich die…

Hablando de #Bitcoin y #Criptomonedas - Octubre 25, 2021

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Mastercard and Bakkt Partner to Offer Innovative Crypto and Loyalty Solutions

Cryptocurrency market is about to look a bit more greener, as this awesome news about MasterCard and Bakkt partnership, which i think is…

17-year-old hacker captures Ethereum worth $350,000 - The security of crypto transactions

Hacker attacks repeatedly cause excitement in the crypto scene. Now it was a 17-year-old student from the USA who captured a total of 88…

I such a centralized world, crypto is the key.

Hello everyone... Governments are currently going through a deep crisis process, the aftermath of the pandemic has made them resort to…

🎥 Обзор Криптовалютного Рынкa | 25.10.2021

Здравствуйте, дорогие зрители! В этом видео я проанализировал ценовой график Биткойна (BTC/USD), используя технический и свечной анализ…

Safemoon may be a Good investment

Welcome to my blog Hello everyone I am fine and hope same for you This is a one week graph chart of safe moon token and you can…

Naughty NFT's: I am jumping on the bandwagon and why you should too...

It seems like the good old 2017 all over again right? ICO's and other full on scams were polluting our feed everyday. John McCafee was…

On October 24, at the end of the day, bitcoin fell 0.71% against the dollar

On Sunday, October 24, at the end of the day, bitcoin fell in price against the dollar by 0.71%, to $ 60,852, over the week - by 1.10%.…

Impressive Buying Pressure coming from the Top100

I had not analyzed the top 100 Richlist addresses on BTC for more than 12 days and I did not expect to see so many good omens. In fact…


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good news!!

When new cards from the new Splinterlands pack are available in the game, it looks like the battle league will be split into two and…

Launched Bitcoin related ETFs in the US don’t actually track the real price of Bitcoin

Image Source Bitcoin's price shoot of last week after the launch of ProSh

BMR for 25th Oct 2021 - Monday Morning!

Thanks to @nathanmars I noticed a tweet from him last night just when the volume bump on Hive started. It was around 79 cents then. Glad…

SHIBA INU 25-10-21

SHIBA INU ***** SHIBA go to the Moon? Posted Using LeoFinance Beta