LEO Tokenomics

On Bear Markets, Cash Flow and Free Capital

Bear markets are UGLY! We all hate them. They bring about a wild range of negative emotions, project haters and more. It's pretty terrible…

Sub $1 HIVE is Here || Be Bold and Accumulate

As expected HIVE has dipped below a dollar. There was a slight chance and it happened. Obviously just like many other cryptocurrencies…

The Correlation. Probably The Most Annoying Thing About The Crypto Dump Right Now

I don't know if we really entered a bear market in crypto lately, or not, but we sure have a lot of blood on the streets right now. Some…

New conditions, New plan...

HBD far from stable but...nonetheless, very good opportunity to accumulate HIVE. ( Source ) Chang

How To Pay Off Your Debt Quickly!

Debt can come in many forms. The amount of debt you have is not important; the fact is that you need to get rid of it immediately so you…

Daily Rewards Quest on Splinterlands 1-22-22

Hi All, today i was blessed with another water quest. y'all know this was a piece of cake for me. just like yesterday i was able

Fed Slashes its Support for Markets and the Economy

Winter is here... You can thank the FED for the rugpull! Bitcoin is down dramatically from its November peak of close to $69,000…

...and now what?

What am I going to tell you that you don't already know by now, dear holders? (Note: I received this pic by Telegram from one friend…

Polkadot ignites to life with the first ever parachain launched in the Network - #MoonbeamLightsUp

So, its #MoonbeamLightsUp time baby!! Oh yes, the first ever parachain has ignited in the Polkadot blockchain with [Moonbeam launching ](

BTC: The Silver Lining

roughly a week ago, I posted a simple TA of mine that came to fruition just yesterday predicting this crash. Basically, the two most…

Leo Price Going be 1000x

LEO Could Go 1000x In the Very Near-Term . My brain is not working when I hear that Leo Price is increasing 1000x. This prophecy has been…

10 Tips for Saving Money In Your Daily Life!

All of us have different ways of saving money in everyday life, and it may take a while before you find out what works best for you. Here…

The bad side of Bitcoin / NFTs that you should know - a critical look

Welcome to my deep dive into the bad side of crypto. Many risks and Ponzi Schemes Some critics of Bitcoin and Crypto generally, argue…

Facebook and Instagram are ready to enter the NFTs trade

After the owner of both platforms, Mark Zuckerberg, showed interest in the metaverse, his words have already begun to come true. The…

Investing In the Blockchain Space: Opportunities for Retail Investors

Blockchain technology will completely change the world as we know it. It has the ability to disrupt industries and change the way we do…

A new BTC correction leaving the market in red and in danger zone.

Greetings to all the readers of this great platform, especially to the #LeoFinance community, in the present opportunity I want to share…

Witam wszystkich na Hive

Jestem autorem książki "Jak zarabiać na kryptowalutach", wydanej po raz pierwszy przez OnePress w 2018 roku, a w styczniu 2022 ukazało…

Mega Magic Earth Team

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Magic Reflect Earth Team Image Sources: Splinterlands website, GIPHY web

My Strategy For "The Bear Market"

Now that we're "officially in a bear market" it's time to plan my time spent during such a marvelous season. Wait... What? Are we in a…

GamesPad - a Gaming, Metaverse, and NFT ecosystem!

source A launchpad is a cryptocurrency pre-sale platform, it is a web page or application where we will be able to buy the tokens of…