LEO Tokenomics

Real-World Applications of Blockchain Technology

If you’ve been involved in the crypto space for at least five minutes, you’re probably familiar with the term blockchain. Blockchain…

The Need for Decentralized Social Media - The State of Hive

I recently came across two interesting posts in LeoFiance - one from @taskmaster4450: "It seems that people are starting to catch on…

Some Airdrops are Evil

Not every token that makes it into your wallet is there to make you a bit more rich, in fact in some cases quite the opposite. This was…

Are crypto markets a stage for SCAMS?

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Hello everyone, welcome to the third part in this series of how to spot a scam project. If you missed out on the first 2 check them out

Ще науча 10 човека с Iphone как работи Cryptocurrency/bitcoin/Hive и финансоата система...

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Официален блог,влог, живота на Илиян Стефанов Тук:

Some Key Takeaways From The Development AMA With David Liu, Lead Blockchain Developer At Mogul

David Liu is a blockchain developer and is in charge of smart contracts, Blockchain integrations, and mogul platform architecture. In a…

3 Weeks On Splinterlands - My Experience.

I have had to postpone writing this post many times because I can't seem to stay away from the game since I started playing it. As I…

Welcome To The Era of Abundance... Can You Handle It?

The era of abundance is a concept of @taskmaster4450 that was mentioned by him in quite a few posts over time, and abusively used by…

Electric Eel - Shocking battle

I remember buying the electric eel from the market when it was first released. I was really awed by the design and the ability of the…

Have fun and earn, on Hive you can!

The more time passes, the more Hive becomes an incubator of projects and stimuli but also of fun. It is undeniable that today an investor…

Film AMA Recap With Cindy Cowan, Chief Strategist Officer At Mogul

Hello guys! So a while back we had an amazing AMA with Cindy Cowan, Head of business development and Chief Strategist Officer at mogul…

Seascape partners with DIA (Decentralized Information Assets)

Seascape Network is back, announcing an exciting new partnership for its users. DIA (Decentralized Information Assets) is an open-sou

Kids and Blockchain: Blockchain Has No Age Limit

I woke up this morning with the thoughts and idea of kids involving theirselves into cryptocurrencies and blockchain. I started wishing I…

Blockchain fork hard fork vs soft fork, hive forked from steem blockchain

source What is a Fork? **Fo

"Magacoin" the new cryptocurrency

Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón. Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

{Ingles/Español} Let's Collect diamonds in coinmarketcap


A little update

I've been quiet Hello everyone! I am still alive. It's been quiet on this side, but don't worry because I'm just living, and I'm doing…

Seascape Launches Scape Forum Season 1

Seascape Network play-to-earn Scape Forum game is now available. The first season of the game went live

DeFi. Perda Impermanente (Impermant Loss)

Impermanent Loss ou Perda Impermanente é uma perda temporária de fundos, gerado pela diferente entre liquidez e “hold” (Segurar). Esse é…