LEO Tokenomics

Hive wallet for Splinterlands? - Simple guide

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Guide to using your Hive wallet for Splinterlands in order to ma

Shapeshift Community arrived in LeoFinance

For those that use LeoFinance daily, you might have noticed that are some blue Foxes 🐺🦊 disguised as lions barking around HIVE…

Google exploring Blockchain could bring Crypto in Google Pay!

Being part of the crypto space its needed to keep an eye on the news and stay updated with updates to know, what's happening around. Last…

Splinterlands a 3 Year Collection Valued at 281,000.00 is For Sale!

A collection including the Angel of Light Gold, the rarest of the original set, is for sale. The cards all clock in at a 281,000.00 List…

FUD, FED & Crypto - Before & After March 2022

It seems like the long waited increases in interest rates will be the popular monetary policy for fiat currencies. Yesterday, FED declared…

The Great Thumbsuck

source Over the last few days a price prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum has been trending on many crypto sites. The person involve

10th Weekly Red Candle of SPS Price

This is 10th week that we saw red candle consecutive on SPS Price chart. Due to Crypto Market dump, SPS price is going down day by day. I…

Splinterlands Chaos Legion General Sale: How Is It Going So Far?

We discuss the current state of the Chaos Legion general sale (10 days in) and what potential factors could influence the near-term amount…

Leo Battle around the 20 Cent ⚔️

The fourth attempt of a breakthrough in Leo A few days ago I increased my stock of Leo tokens a bit, the price was

COTI Treasury - Some More Information Helping To Explain How And Where The Rewards You Earn Are Generated

source I thought I would put a post together for the @leofinance com

Are your funds really safu on Binance?

It has come to the notice of the general public that some Nigerians are being targeted on Binance exc

[EN | ES] ShapeShift DAO — Validating on Osmosis | Shapeshift DAO — Validando en Osmosis

La version en español esta a continuacion de la version en ingles 😉🦊 Ir a la version en español The ShapeShift DAO is excited to…

Cubfinance Coin Again Going Downside Mode Price Depend On Market Situation

The price never went up when i did my price prediction what point would you have said something is not the market in cubfinance is not…

Blockchain Concepts

Evening Hivers! It may come as no surprise that the technology behind cryptocurrency is Blockchain. The latter technology has really…

Going live on twitch.tv/splinternews and delegating a few legendary cards till EOS!

stream with @splinterlands and @atomcollector and @HashkingsGame I will delegate cards till EOS! Claim LVL sponsored by @reptile_royal +…

Hive Listed in BitBNS Indian exchange through Quick-Swap

Exchange listing is an important part of any coin in the crypto space and listing on more exchanges means more volume and this is good for…

Facebook Just Did the Rug Pull

Facebook or Meta just rug pulled their investors and killed their stablecoin project Diem. Apparently, they found out the technology is…

While China Bans Crypto, Putin Says Russia May Have "Some Competitive Advantages"

In an official meeting with the members of the Russian government (transcript here ,

Hive, Rising in HIVE/BTC Parity, Signals That It Will Return Above $1.

HIVE, which has recovered rapidly after the sharp declines in the crypto markets, signals that it can move higher. HIVE, which offers…

Home Grown Honey

I bought my first mobile phone back in 2002, that's two decades ago, it was a Nokia 3310, used but in good shape and at that time, wearing…