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There is no doubt in my mind that any body who is reading this article either using a lap top or a mobile device is alread

Crypto Meme of the Day | Bitcoin Punishment

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Platforms You Need To Be Utilizing When Crypto Dumps!

A Guarantee That Markets Will Always Dump I know that a lot of news outlets like to exaggerate bearish trends within the Crypto space…

Crypto Meme of the Day | June 22, 2021

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💹 Market overview June 22, 2021

Have a nice and productive day for everyone, and for some of them, more recently, fruitful work on the "farm"! As always, I offer you a…

Did i just make a value increasing change to my son´s collectible boxed Minecraft figure. Or just destroy my relationship with him? (in my bid for the #dCity presidency).

Have you seen them encased Minecraft figurines that so many seek after to collect these days? Well my son used to have one... that is he…

Best Performing Crypto Since COVID Crash? (March 2020-Now)

So we know crypto has outperformed TradFi by a wide margin since the COVID crash in March 2020. But which crypto has performed the best…

Cryptocurrency Is Needed To Re-Start Human Progress

What would you say if I told you that the largest economy in the world faltered over the last 40 years? Would this come as a surprise to…

Best Performing Asset Since COVID Crash? (March 2020-Now)

Since markets bottomed around March 18, 2020 during peak COVID fear, assets have gone on an absolute tear. Which asset has performed the…

Lucky I got out

21 million BITCOIN, 55 million Millionaires, 7.9 billion People. How much Bitcoin do you hold? Well, I am not telling either - but…

Crypto Pawnshops

Have you ever visited a Pawn Shop? I have occasionally dropped into them looking for the "hidden gem" thing, I also like to go to Garage…

Crypto Meme of the Day | June 21, 2021

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Monero's Bull Run Hasn't Even Started Yet (Weekly Forecast)

Monero rallied a bit this past week, rallying slightly in satoshis to about the 0.007 level. More impressively is how XMR has parried much…

The State Of Crypto Adoption & The Need For It's Education In A State As Nigeria

Yesterday I had the opportunity of reading this post by @young-boss-karin and it was enlightening, spoke about how we can change the…

The Ghost that Haunts the Stock Market!

The stock markets are hovering around all-time highs. There is one threatening cloud that gives investors trouble sleeping well at…

Living In A Warzone

Sometimes you wish you could just leave, take all your possessions and disappear into the nether, far away from so-called "civilization,"…

3 tricks how restaurants are increasing prices after the lockdown 📈

War seit langem wieder einmal bei einem griechischen Restaurant an der Donauinsel in Wien und dabei sind mir drei Tricks aufgefallen, wie…

The Irony

Greetings, fellow sentient beings! This is about iron, actually. About commodities and the way that we look upon those. Recently, I…


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BAT Still Has MASSIVE Upside for 2021-2022 (Weekly Forecast)

Basic Attention Token (BAT/BTC) has struggled of late, falling below the 50 and 200 Week EMAs and the 0.00002 BAT/BTC level to about…