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Crypto is Dead™

frens, the crypto market is bleeding. If you're in any cryptos, you probably already know that, though. BTC down 11% and ETH down 16%.…

Blockchain101: Cryptocurrency Bridges

Blockchain101; article number three: cryptocurrency bridges. An important topic to understand in cryptocurrency is cryptocurrency…

Time Is Ticking For A Massive Down Move For Bitcoin (Btc) !Deeply Market Analysis

I was expecting the market to turn around 35,300 dollars and start to come back down.i had the price went down there to 35,600 dollar…

Cardano Market Something Like Just Trades Sideways ! What The Market Trying To Tell Us

The market in cardano.where it was willing to prop down the price.i need to lower the only thing when you see a market in cardano…

Finally I spent my HBD to buy some more HIVE!

I am not a pessimist, but I try to be realistic. For a long time, I have been writing and remained active on Hive and enjoyed to see the…

DeFinitely 92 - The News in DeFi

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Cubfinance Coin Still Overall In A Massive Downward Move In One Instance

We are still overall in a massive downward move in cubfinance in one instance this is not a bull run but in another instance look at this…

Why You Should Not Mint Your NFT Art To Multiple Platform

I made a huge mistake by minting my photographic images into multiple sites. You should not do the same mistakes and here is why I am…

Is It Time for the Weak Hands to Be Shaken Out?

frens, is it the end? Is crypto winter beginning for real? Have the bulls gone into hibernation to sleep though the winter? Are you panic…

Bitcoin Break down 38000$ : Russia Propose to Ban CryptoCurrency and Mining

BAD News for Crypto Users and Crypto Family, Bitcoin Trading Below 38000$ we all know there are important support and resistance level…

NFTs & Me - Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Imitation, they say, is the best form of flattery. Meaning if you're doing something and people start to copy you, then you should take…

WAX Airdrops 10 Million NFTs, Demonstrating its Muscle

(Source) Evening So World's leading NFT network, Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is m


WOW #FACEBOOK AND #INSTAGRAM SHOCK THE CRYPTO INDUSTRY TimeStamps and Summary: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:29 Meta #NFT 00:02:03 Btc chart…

The virus of acquisitions - El virus de las adquisiciones

Fuente Just as some large technology companies owe part of their success to the acquisition

Verified NFT Profile Pics - Live on Twitter Blue!

What a crazy day for NFTs as a whole. Earlier today, I wrote a post about WAX doing the largest NFT airdrop in history and then I saw…

WAX Flexing the Power of its Blockchain with Largest Airdrop in History

The king of NFTs, WAX blockchain, is doing it again. Making history. WAX continue to be the best blockchain for NFTs and that's not…

Bridging Ethereum To Cosmos: Or, In Other Words, Reaching Osmosis

For those not so familiar with the Cosmos ecosystem, Osmosis is the leading AMM of it. Launched around 6 months ago, it reached t

Cubfinance Coin Massive Sell Off. Is It Time To Buy Cubfinance Here?

The cubfinance market is going to continue to go down in price until time expect the weakness to continue simple we saw the weakness .…

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is a decentralized, distributed ledger that stores data in immutable blocks. The Blockchain is an incorruptible…

Which Cryptos Are You Stacking During This Market Dip?

It's still a fearful time in the crypto market for a lot of people. Not for us degens though. This is just a fire sale and an opportunity…