LEO Tokenomics

is Amazon Coming in Crypto Space?

Crypto prices are now up and once again we can see the positive sentiments in the crypto market. last week when there was quite a big drop…

How to connect to the Polygon Network

▶️ Watch on 3Speak **In this video we will go through how to connect to the Polygon (ex-MATIC) Chain in 2-3 minu

Up Only?!

I honestly wouldn't want to be as near as 100 meters away from a Bitcoin shorter right now. This thing(Bitcoin) has simply exploded the…

How Many Tokens 1Hive? 26.07.2021

En: Hello there. I calculate and share how many of the popular tokens have 1 hive according to the highest buy order. The list may be…

What have we done?

Hello, First of all, I think you are all fine during this pandemic time. I hope to write a summary (I wish this might be a summary) about…

Reflecting on a year of Hive Power Up Day Delegations and other ruminations

Four years ago on the 17th of this month, I created my first blockchain account. I had planned, and started writing, a proper "anniv

Hive Power Up Day - August 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

The Hive Power Up Day (PUD) is taking place on the first day of every month and the next one of 2021 will occur in a few days, on August…

@phortun´s Monday tipping contest #63: guess the price of Hive and win 5 Hive

Hi there my Hivean friends and followers! Welcome to the 63rd round of my Monday tipping contest where you can guess the price of…

Time, Priority & Money: In Retrospect  (Part 2)

Source Feedbacks are important, especially when it's a **financ

Weekly Hive Stats Report - Monday, July 26, 2021

Welcome to my Hive Stats Report for Monday, July 26, 2021. All data is collected directly from the Hive blockchain and is based on UTC…

Splinterlands daily reward REPORT 26/07/2021

Hi guys, this is my third daily report from what I ve got from each day from playing splinterlands. 26/07/2021 I just climbed up from…

📊 Daily Twitter Data Reports as of July 25, 2021

Our Daily Reports in all the tweets related to #Hive, hope you will enjoy what you see here as we are trying to boost Hive's popularity…

AMAZON ACCETTERA' CRIPTOVALUTE? Cardano BIG MOVE del 60% in arrivo? Bitcoin ed Ethereum LET'S GO!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Benvenuti su Samu Bit, 🎓 Lezioni da 30 minuti a 25 euro scrivimi su telegram a @samubit.

Hive Power Up Day - 1er août 2021 - Délégation de Hive Power

Le Hive Power Up Day (PUD) a lieu le premier jour de chaque mois et le premier de 2021 aura lieu dans quelques jours, le 1er août .…

Report: Amazon Will Start Accepting Bitcoin Payment By The End Of 2021

An anonymous source within Amazon has reportedly told London business newspaper City A.M. that the e-commerce giant is planning to accept…

Hive နှင့် ကျွန်တော်တို့၏ မှောင်မိုက်သော နေ့ရက်များ ( Henry Aung )

မင်္ဂလာပါ။ မနေ့ကတော့ Free Cryptocurrency အကြောင်းရေးလိုက်သောကြောင့်လားမသိ ယနေ့ကတော့ BTC 38000$ အထက်သို့ တက်လာသည်ကို တွေ့ရပါသည်။…

Hive power and curation reward

Hello Hive In a quest to create worthy contents by different authors who are not blog oriented many have lost it and zoom out of hive…

Coś się popsuło, czyli racarowa niespodzianka

Mój komputer chodzi non stop, więc po ubiegłotygodniowej wypłacie RCRT nawet nie wyłączałem Nodejsa, który obsługuje skrypt przeliczający…

Weekly Hive update - 141

Another week has passed, so it is time for a new update. Progress Last week I was on 6530.2 HP, now I'm on 6551.1, an increase of…

Criminal Probe opened On Tether! Hoping to open a discussion below. Anyone hearing anything more?

I have friends in space who hate tether and think it’s fraudulent and I have friends who say it’s hit jobs wrongfully done. I really don